It was six am when my alarm started to buzz. The same time as it always had, but today is different. I slid out of bed and onto my knees to give thanks. Thanks for allowing me to see another day. 

Rising, I stretched my arms as far as I could. Then I pulled off my bonnet and took off my nightclothes. I felt no shame as I walked in all my glory to the bathroom. I turned on the rain and stepped inside. 

Allowing the water to beat against my skin. Massaging me all over. I took slow, long deep breaths (in…out…in…out). After about fifteen minutes, I turned off the water and stepped out. Cool air instantly hit my skin. But before I could dress, the doorbell rang. 

Clad in only a robe, I opened the door and was greeted by a delivery man. Who handed me a bouquet of the pinkest peonies I have ever seen. Instinctively, I lifted the flowers to my nose and took in nature’s sweetest perfume. I decided that today will be a special day. A day all my own. And tonight? Tonight will be the first-ever of its kind.

From yoga to a mani-pedi. From a facial to getting my hair done. Even receiving eyelash extensions that I see a lot of women wearing. Hours later, I was downtown in search of a dress. As I strolled passed the windows of one of the stores, I saw my reflection. I stopped and stared; in awe of her beauty. She stared back.

On my walk, I came upon a vintage boutique. Almost immediately, I noticed a long black dress hanging on the upper wall. My heart started to race. As if it was calling me. Maybe it was love at first sight. Because I instantly knew that I would wear that particular dress on my date. Excitedly, I motioned for the salesperson. And within five minutes, I was exiting the store with my beloved possession. Now, I’m ready for tonight.

Once I returned home, I ran a bubble bath. With extra bubbles and petals from the peonies. I lit several candles, poured myself a glass of champagne, and got into the tub. I made sweet love to my face, my arms, legs…every inch of my body. It felt so good that I wanted to just lay there and relax. But, the night was not over. The best was yet to come.

A little under an hour later, I was staring at my reflection in the mirror. I had put on my new dress. It hugged my body most sensually. As I placed the last earring onto my lobe, the doorbell rang.

It was the chauffeur. I was led to the limousine and whisked off to my destination. 

We arrived at a nightclub. The host led me through a room filled with tables. Tables with all types of couples. Some who were new to one another and others who were not. We stopped at a table. A table set for one. Seated in front of the jazz band. Upon the table was the brightest bouquet of red roses and a little card resting in front of the china. The host pulled out my chair and I took a seat. The host poured me a glass of red wine before walking away. Taking it all in, I took a sip and smiled. This is all for me. 

As I listened to the band play, I picked up the card and read the inscription, “We must do this more often. Love, YOU.” I giggled and nodded in agreement. Yes, we most certainly should.

Note to reader: Love yourself as another person should.


This feature was submitted by Felicia F. Clark


Felicia F. Clark is an author and journalist from Madison, Wisc. Her writings are primarily based on factual events surrounding love, motherhood and healthcare. She writes all pieces, “As Lovingly As Possible.”