“She never was an option; she has always been and forever will be a privilege.”

Dating has become this fixed cycle and can be torture for people that want longevity and seeking purposeful and meaningful dating.  The cycle in our current generation seems to go something like this:

Meet up


Netflix and chill

Become intimate, then no longer talk leaving one or both parties feeling lost.

Oftentimes, there is one person who catches feelings quicker than the other, and the other may not be clear as to what they are looking for. That’s why we want to make sure as women we are dating with purpose and intention to not end up in situationships.

I personally, have been in a situationship and it is so easy to fall into the trap of uncertainty when you are feeling the guy, lonely, and tired of waiting. We often have the feeling of, GOD where is my man?!

The best thing you can do is hold on, be prayer filled and patient, because you’re about to enter a relationship only God can take credit for and while you’re probably thinking “yeah, well” how can we date with a purpose in this generation?” Stick with me on this journey as I get you all the way together!

  1. Making a list of all of the qualities your man possesses
  2. Discover and heal yourself as it pertains to your relationships so that you can let go of any dead weight you might have i.e.: past exes, and those damn situation ships.
  3. Become explicitly clear on what you want. The more you recognize within yourself and the qualities that you are looking for the easier it will be to weed out the guys that are a waste of your time.
  4. Be very Transparent when dating. There is nothing wrong with letting the man you’re dating know what you want. Who has time to waste its 2021?!
  1. Know who you are and be exactly that person from the beginning. I cannot stress this enough if you don’t know fully who you are, you will become anything they want you to be!
  1. Have a dream or vision of your future husband
  2. Seek Clarity. While dating make sure you’re thinking clearly and sticking to your guns about what you want
  1. Have FUN! Dating can be stressful but see the fun in it. Try something new like speed dating with your girls, and happy hour for some great cocktails!

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