April 2023 will be a momentous time for Atlanta as Dave Brown is bringing his Hollywood staple, Indie Night Film Festival to the city. By his side as the special guest host of the event will be his friend and beloved actor, Morris Chestnut.

The Atlanta area is known to many as “Black Hollywood,” so there is no better place for Indie Night to outstretch to. The festival looks for the newest and brightest in entertainment so that a platform may be given. Peach city won’t be its only stop as Indie Night and Dave Brown are looking to take this machine nationwide!

Brown graduated from Morehouse College, already familiar to the southern area. He spent years in the film industry making friends such as Chestnut and Jamie Foxx along the way. He created the film night as a way to celebrate filmmakers who may need that extra nudge into becoming the producer they hope they can be. The night is every Saturday and includes directors, producers, composers, students, and others. They accept submissions varying from webseries to commercials, short films, and trailers.

The 11th season of the Indie Night Film Festival began in January and has been steamrolling ever since! “On the Road” is what Brown has fondly called this U.S city tour that started of course in Los Angeles. In each city, the team will visit local colleges to speak with film/theater students about the festival and the business in general. Every visit will be followed by a mini-Indie Night that will encourage local filmmakers to submit their work. There is no caliber for any submission; all are welcome to apply.

Dave looks forward to returning to the city that got him his start in the industry. What he is most looking forward to is providing networking tips that will get someone in the room their start.

Rooting for the underdog is a passion for Dave Brown, as he recognizes that sometimes all you need is chance. Look for the Indie Night Film Festival come April in Atlanta for a chance to put your hard work on display. More information can be found at