1500 Or Nothin is a Grammy award-winning collective of producers, songwriters, and musicians, who’s produced for all the elites in the music industry such as Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I., Bruno Mars, and more. Founded in Inglewood by Larrance Dopson, 1500 Or Nothin soon opened up their own 1500 Sound Academy in Inglewood, teaching other aspiring creatives the music business.

And with all of their contributions to the city of Angels, the mayor of Inglewood even appointed 1500 Or Nothin their own designated day, celebrated each year on January 15th. A few years back, they started hosting free benefit concerts… but this year, they truly outdid themselves.


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Sheen had the pleasure of covering 1500 Or Nothin day this year, which reeled in surprise celebrity sightings from Dave Chappelle and Angela Bassett. Both took the stage, with the former even rapping and singing, while the latter made her first appearance since winning her Oscar. The highly-anticipated show featured incredibly talented musicians performing throughout the day, such as Terrace Martin playing the saxophone and even a 5-year-old boy named Lake who Rance deemed had the highest pitch he’s ever heard.

All in all, this was such a beautiful turnout for the city. Everything was free, and the live music component is one that never goes unnoticed. The entire lineup was the result of Rance’s long-lasting relationships, his way of giving back to the community who birthed him.

With their roots grounded in Los Angeles, their contributions to the Inglewood community deemed them their own 1500 Day by the City of Los Angeles, honoring them for both their talents and commitment to giving back to the people. Partnering with entrepreneur-philanthropist Twila True, 1500 Or Nothin’ opened their own 1500 Sound Academy in the heart of the city, a 21K square foot facility that resides right across the street from Snoop Dogg’s Inglewood studio. Rance, along with singer, songwriter, and producer James Fauntleroy developed the Academy as a creative hub for artists who want to learn about songwriting, engineering, along with the business side of the industry.


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