tal-ent-ed: adjective

1. Having a natural aptitude or skill for something; gifted

2. Da’Vinchi

Abraham D. Juste famously known as Da’Vinchi is a Haitian American actor with a charismatic personality and drive. Da’Vinchi’s career began as a spoken word artist and rapper, from there he was introduced to acting. Soon after he landed roles such as ABC’s hit show, Grown-ish, along with guest appearances in the CW’s popular sports drama, All American. Da’Vinchi is a man of great discipline, and he’s not afraid to do what needs to be done to get the job done. “I have fun. But I limit the fun that I have,” he shares. Da’Vinchi is making some major moves in his role on Starz’s Black Mafia Family. SHEEN had the opportunity to sit and chat with this Hollywood mogul in the making.


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