Daysulan is a whole vibe, and she’s here to bless the music industry with her own unique style, swag, and sound. Hailing from Compton, California, the West Coast recording artist is the leading female signed to YG’s 4Hunnid Records imprint. And while it’s not everyday you have one of Los Angeles’ biggest artists backing you, Day Sulan is putting in the work all on her own.

In describing herself, Day Sulan states, “I’m a character, I’m an artist. Everything art is me and I define that shit.”

Day Sulan is a walking inspiration in herself, turning her life around from being homeless to stripping to pay her bills to now signing to one of the biggest record labels, Epic Records. With her love and background for painting, Day Sulan is a true creative, expressing herself through multiple avenues of art. 

Fresh off the heels of her single and visual “Teach U How To Play,” Day Sulan recently returned with her highly-anticipated debut project titled Crazy Girls. The 7-track project speaks volumes to her evolution as a rapper and singer, as she paves her way to becoming one of the greats

Sheen spoke with Day Sulan in downtown Los Angeles to discuss her new project, “Slide In” with YG, goals, add more!

Growing up as a little girl, what did you want to be?

I wanted to be an artist, I just didn’t know it would be in this field. I wanted to do painting, like actual physical art. 

Do you still paint?

I do, often. My whole house is full of my paintings. I’m gonna keep blowing it up. It’s like therapy, just like studio sessions honestly. 

Crazy Girls EP out now, how are you feeling?

Fucking fantastic. Amazing. I’ve been waiting so long to drop this, I feel good. The significance behind the name is that’s the club I started dancing at as a stripper. So paying homage, but it’s also the theme of the project is the different motions of girls. I thought the two collided perfectly. 

How excited are they that you shouted them out like this?

All of the strippers, all my old homies, everybody that I fucked with at the time, when they saw the cover, they’re all like “yo!” Crazy Girls alumni,” this and that. [laughs] I’m like yeah, that’s wassup. You know I’ma pay my homage. 

One thing you want fans to take away from the project?

Honestly, whatever they can. Whether it’s the savage side, the soft side, I really went through the motions of girls. In a light way, we go through so much more. It touches on a little bit of everything whether it be happy moments, sad moments, the different motions. I hope everyone can relate to it in a different way.  

“Teach U How To Play” is a banger. What were you on recording this record?

You know bullshit. Probably the top tier of my toxicity at the time, no cap. [laughs] But that’s how I felt. It was real life, you wasn’t coming correct. Mr. Sir, you are blocked. You got to go. We moving a certain way. You want something, I want something, let’s make ends meet. What’s happening? If it’s not, eh. I’m not that bitch. [laughs]

Is Day Sulan dating?

No-ish, question mark. [laughs] Honestly, I’m really focused on myself. If love falls into place naturally without anything getting tossed up, cool. But I can’t sacrifice my career right now, gotta let it ride. 

What was the inspiration behind the video video?

Honestly, going back and forth between YG wanting to do something more raw for this. We coulda took it and did the whole angle of playing a n*gga, but we’re like nah. Let’s just do some guerilla style, raw, fuck it, we at the corner with it. Give it a look, give it the vibes, go crazy. Just talk your shit, that was honestly it. 

Bring us back to when you made “Slide In” with YG.

I made that when I was 21. Fun fact about that song, YG didn’t even fuck with that song initially. When he first heard it, he’s like “eh, it’s whatever.” A year later, he brought the song back up. He’s like “hey this shit fire.” I’m like wow. I said it a minute ago, but hey. He had done it and I’m like welp, it worked out. First I had two verses, he said “nah, I’ma get on this one.” Alright bet. 

What are your beauty go-to’s?

Moisturizer like a motherfucker. LANEIGE, that one for sure. Body oil for my skin and this other body oil that I be mixing up and making for myself. My skin is the thing. We gotta be lathered, lush, and nice. [laughs]

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Everything. Whether it be cartoons, weird ass shit, this couch. Honestly everything. Fashion is a very big part of my life and lifestyle. 

Best part about working with Fashion Nova?

You know, it’s fantastic. We’re trying to re-up and get another one. [laughs] Trying to get up there with it.

Goals for yourself at this point of your career?

Ooh, I have plenty. Where do I start with that one? I have a lot of goals, I’m not gonna lie to you Music-wise, to become a staple in this shit. I really want to make my mark in music. I want to have that peak moment where people understand why I do this, yes I do this and this is what’s up. I want to go out legendary and that’s a real life goal of mine. I’m not letting up.

Anything excited for?

Tour. I’m finally going on tour, so I’m extremely excited about that. YG’s tour.