DDG is far more than just a rapper, he’s an internet sensation with one of the most immense followings of this generation. Boasting 5 million followers on Instagram alone, the Pontiac, Michigan native got his start doing Youtube videos before stepping into the limelight as a recording artist, currently signed to Epic Records.

On Thursday, September 16th, DDG opened for Kevin Gates at the Belasco in downtown Los Angeles, both artists currently on the road for Kevin’s Khaza Tour. Almighty Jay and Blueface arrived to the venue alongside DDG, but Blueface was turned away due to the venue’s unnecessary rules about enforcing the guestlist. 

But the show must go on. Sheen caught up with DDG across the street at his tour bus to do a drip check, breaking down his limited-edition, black Chrome Hearts black hoodie (~$1500), black Stone Island cargo pants with a patch that cost $600 to $900, limited edition Nike Dunks with custom laces and a chain worth 50 racks. 

He also gave the disclaimer, “I’m on tour, so a lot of my drip drip is dirty. You caught me on a light day.” In regards to his iced-out watch on his wrist, he explained that he tucks it under his sleeve because he likes to be humble.

Featured Image provided by Epic Records