De’Aundre Bonds most known as his character Stacy from the classic movie The Wood but has also starred in monumental films such as Get On The Bus, Sunset Park, and Tales From The Hood is reviving his career after serving a decade in prison. I’m unsure if the fact that De’Aundre is a Los Angeles native, has a lot to do with the fact that most of his roles come off very authentic to his true self. De’Aundre hasn’t remained silent about his trying upbringing in some of LA’s roughest hoods which ultimately makes him one of the best selections for the character “Skully” that he’s currently playing on John Singleton’s last project before his untimely death Snowfall FX.

De’Aundre got emotional when speaking on the opportunity that John presented him with before his passing. John gave him this opportunity to star on his hit series Snowfall and revitalize his career. De’Aundre has experienced so much real life trauma during his personal life that you can’t tell if it’s truly his acting or real life emotions seeping through his characters. One thing we’re sure of is the fact that De’Aundre Bonds delivers an amazing performance in each scene Skully is a part of on the show. The character “Skully” is battling with the consequences of his actions currently on the show. He’s remorseful about the death of his daughter due to his gang activity. Instead of lashing  out at the killer, he’s trying to pray and find refuge and forgiveness for his sins.

Ideally, we expected Skully to lash out in violence after his daughter was killed but seeing his remorse and own blame for his daughters death gives skully a caring touch, shows that he isn’t just a thug or killer on the show. Each scene that Skully is apart you see the struggle between his violent life and gang culture versus the person he truly is or desires to be secretly. Fans don’t know what to expect next from Skully on the show but whatever it is, I hope it keeps his character alive. De’Aundre Bonds has reignited his career through this role and we definitely want to see more!

Take a look at a short snippet of our recent IGTV interview with De’Aundre on Sheen Talk Live.


Featured Image by Aquill Smalls