The Egyptians were trying to make the people hurry out of the land. For they said, “We will all be dead.”

– Exodus 12:33

Another year passes by the yuletide song with the wonderful countdown of cherished memories, laughter, and even the unfortunate memories we despise makes us well rounded. I believe most of us can relate to the first part of scripture “when the Egyptians hurried the people out the land.” So many hopeless souls want out of 2020. They feel their plans were held hostage and entrapped by the effects of the pandemic mortality rate. The effect of this pandemic has shown many of us either dying physically or not, mentally. Let just say it has been a year for the walking dead.

As 2020 progressed it was devastating to witness the morale that sunken. The continuous phone calls from friends saying, “It was not supposed to be this way” are the words sung from their hearts of their bewildered souls. The limited face to face interaction and virtual interaction took their toll. Each day became a new saga from the scene of the “Ground Hog Day” movie.

What day is it?  When will this be over? How much longer?

We are all often accustomed to a granite lifestyle. Where we post our finest moments to share with our loved ones on social media. However, 2020 was not the reel we all expected neither could properly plan for. Instantaneously, the social media feed got interrupted with the realness of a noise deafened by the urgency of personal opinions and likes. We witnessed political realm highlights; the racial injustice that never went away interrupted our screens and had us gasping.

This was a year of loss. Many lost loved ones, jobs, and even their sanity. It appears we are living our very own modern-day plague. And we have to into the year 2021 with the effects of the pandemic lingering. Why bother to plan for the upcoming year? So many opt to quit, but there is hope if we do not quit. I know it is a phrase that is easier said than done. Especially when life throws every challenge in the book our way.   And it’s no secret that this has been a challenging year, but 2020 didn’t surprise God and it didn’t throw His plans for you off course. You have a purpose, and you must live your life purposefully.

There is hope.

2020 can be marked as our Egypt year. The year we confronted our fears, became one with our weaknesses, and let go of the losses, and healed. Now we are entering 2021 you get to define your hope. The year 2021 does not have to remain in your Egypt despite the pandemic stretching into this year. I learned that Egypt is a mindset. It is not necessarily a place of physicality. Your Egypt is the season when you face hard challenges. You grow through them. Your “Egypts” build endurance to withstand and help prepare you for what to come. It is a closure of what was to a new beginning of possibilities.

So, let me encourage you with some hope today:

  • Feeling hopeless? Remember who you can run to, God. He will strengthen you with enough courage to press onward. Ask Him to give you the strength to see your situation the way He sees it. Our Father is good and He is working out your situation for you. Romans 8:28
  • Feeling uncertain? When you feel like you do not know what is next and you have been numbed by continuity of bad news. Life can be uncertain. Hold on to the promises God has spoken to you through His word and by His Spirit. His thoughts towards you are of peace and not of ill will. Keep going and do not quit. Ephesians 6:10
  • Feeling denied? We all can feel overlook especially in a place of waiting. You are in a fight—a fight of faith. You just carry on and remember you are not fighting people(despite the social climate) nor the devil (he’s a defeated foe) — we are fighting to stay in faith! Keep going. Ephesians 6:12

                                                                   Let’s Pray For Resounding Hope

Heavenly Father, let us rely on you as 2020 may have been our Egypt, but we know we can hold unto you. As we enter into your promises for our lives. We will not easily give up. Instead, we will remain in your presence where we will find our hope and strength. In Jesus Name, Amen.



This feature was submitted by Regina Murden


Regina Murden is an educator, inspired Bible teacher, and writer. Her purpose is to encourage women to experience the joy of a fulfilled life. She knows this can only come from a close relationship with God. Because of her involvement in discipleship, she founded the Responsive Soul.  This organization is primarily for women who are willing to become aware of their accountability to God. 

She currently resides in Memphis, TN. She takes long walks, love horseback riding, and enjoy traveling. 

She can be found here.