Delphine Pruitt, Vice President, Business Access Advisor (BAA) at U.S. Bank, is set to receive the prestigious Lifetime Presidential Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to the black community and underrepresented individuals across the country.

The award ceremony will take place on December 17, 2023, in Tomball, Houston.

 This esteemed recognition is a testament to Delphine’s significant contributions and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on communities. Her exceptional and remarkable work in community and economic development have resulted in transformative changes in communities and organizations. 

 As a Vice President, Business Access Advisor, Delphine Pruitt has been entrusted with the responsibility of addressing prominent gaps that hinder business growth and employment of black businesses. Through her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment, Delphine has significantly contributed to bridging these gaps and fostering economic advancement within the black community.

The Lifetime Presidential Achievement Award recognizes Delphine Pruitt’s phenomenal achievements, leadership, and dedication to advancing the economic prosperity of the black community. Her tireless advocacy for empowering individuals to participate in their own change and amplifying the voices of the marginalized communities has transformed the lives of countless individuals and propelled economic growth across the country.

Delphine Pruitt’s steadfast work in the black community has served as an inspiration for individuals and organizations alike. Through her exemplary efforts, she has demonstrated the power of inclusivity and diversity in driving positive change within the financial sector and beyond.

The award ceremony on December 17, 2023, will honor Delphine Pruitt’s exceptional contributions and celebrate her significant impact on the lives of individuals and the collective black community. Prominent figures and , community leaders will gather in Tomball, Houston, to recognize Delphine’s achievements and express gratitude for her outstanding dedication.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Delphine Pruitt