Denise Richards and NeNe Leakes can use their Real Housewives experience for their latest roles in Lifetime’s Hunting Housewives.

The movie follows friends Karla Dodds (Richards), Rebel Carron-Whitman (Leakes), Joli Symons played by Kym Johnson Herjavec, and Sharell Bouvier played by Melyssa Ford, as they set out on a “much-needed spa retreat weekend away from their husbands, children and busy schedules.”

But when their plane crashes, the four friends must do anything in their power to survive. However, the women soon realize they are not alone, and “even frenemies must align to outwit their hunters.”

Hunting Housewives premieres Saturday, March 9 at 8pm. on Lifetime. Sheen Magazine caught up with the cast virtually where they discussed whether they would have survived the same ordeal as their characters. 


Your characters go through a lot in this movie. Do you guys feel you possess any of the skills necessary to survive what your characters experienced in this movie? If so, what are some of those skills?


Kym Johnson Herjavec: I know how to tie knots. I could make a nice lean-to because I did Celebrity Survivor. So I learned how to do that. Apart from that, I’d be terrible I have to say. I could do some types of knots and that’s it. 

Denise Richardson: I have to say, of the three of us in real life, it would be Melyssa that could help. 

Kym Johnson Herjavec: For sure. Melyssa would definitely help us out.

Denise Richardson: She would. 

Melyssa Ford: I have a pretty good internal sense of GPS. I don’t know where that comes from. Maybe it’s a childhood fear of getting kidnapped? I don’t know, but that’s how it’s manifested.  I’m really good at navigating. Oh, the North Star! Follow the sun. I’ve had an internal sense of GPS, then also I’m really good in a crisis. It might be the Scorpio in me, but when everything is nuclear, I’m very, very zen. It’s the small stuff that I sweat. 

Kym Johnson Herjavec: That’s so like your character. 

Melyssa Ford: Totally.