Kids in the 90s may remember yelling at the TV while watching Blue’s Clues to tell Steve where the pawprints were. The popular 1996 children’s series Blue’s Clues was hosted by Steve Burns. However, the show ended in 2006. As part of the show, Blue, his fictional adorable pet dog, would leave clues for him and his friends to discover. Nevertheless, Steve departed from the show in 2002 for “college.”

Since Steve was so intricately connected to the series, fans were devastated not to know what happened to their friend after he left. Donovan Patton, the character Joe, was an excellent replacement for Steve’s “younger brother.” However, Steve’s departure caught viewers off guard.

Why Did Steve Leave The Show?

The whole time Steve appeared on the show, he suffered from severe clinical depression. In his view, it was impossible for him to remain continuously pleased and in awe at all times. During his absence from the series, numerous exaggerated rumors circulated, including countless stories regarding how Steve had passed away. Additionally, there have been rumors that he was killed in a car accident or died from a heroin overdose.

“I was always able to dig and find something that felt authentic to me that was good enough to be on the show, but after years and years of going to the well without replenishing it, there was a cost,” said the actor.

In addition, Steve left because he realized he would no longer maintain a boyish approach to the program. After losing his hair and requiring a wig on camera, he realized it was time to leave the show.

Depression: An Overview

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Biological, social, and psychological factors all play a role in the development of depression. There is an increased risk of depression in individuals who have experienced challenging life events (unemployment, death, tragic events).

New Projects?

In honor of Nick Jr.’s 25th anniversary in 2021, social media users were treated to a video featuring Steve. Millions of views were gained within hours following the publication of the video. After all these years, the show’s fans were delighted to hear that Steve was in good health.

Recently, Steve decided to return to the big screen and surprised us with several appearances. Previously, he appeared on episodes of Blue’s Clues and You, the highly anticipated revival series on Paramount+, and in the newly released movie Blue’s Big City Adventure.

Reach Out For Help

If you are experiencing depression or any other mental disorder, please remember that help is available.