Let’s take a deeper look into what your skin is telling you!

Skincare tips and advice can be ALL over the internet. Whether through beauty influencers or informative articles, it all is “accessible at your fingertips.” But have you ever had those breakouts that mysteriously appear and are hard to understand because you’ve been “doing everything right?” We’ve learned by Katina Byrd Miles, MD, FAAD, of Skin Oasis Dermatology that it may just be your skin communicating with you.

Katina Byrd Miles, MD, FAAD specializes in restoring skin to its natural glow. As a board-certified deratologist who specializes in children, adolescents, and adults, Dr. Miles diagnoses and treats a wide variety of skin disorders for all ages. Dr. Miles is a very accomplished and experienced professional in her field, to say the least. Using her advanced training in the use of the dermatoscope, she is an expert in skin cancer detection and treatment and is also a notable skin specialist in people of color. And today, she’s letting us in on all we need to know on how and what your skin is saying to you.

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