Create fashion but make it timeless! Self-taught fashion designer, Cenderra Ca’Zanthia is raising the bar with her handmade custom pieces.

Meet Jackson, Mississippi native and fashion designer, Cenderra Ca’Zanthia. This Southern Belle is the founder and designer behind the luxury brand, Casze. This apparel collection is the epitome of elegance, chic, and just enough risqué to command everyone’s attention.

“My pieces are one of one. It’s made specifically for your body, measurements, and torso. The intimate experience and design are made only for you,” says designer Cenderra. “I want my clients to be that girl and stop everyone when they walk in the room.”

Casze’s custom pieces are notoriously known for their fringe, bling, and embellished crystals sewn perfectly along the mesh trim of each garment; giving glitz and glamour. Celebrities such as entrepreneur and social media influencer Jayda Cheaves, actress Vivica A. Fox, and rapper Dream Doll have all been spotted wearing Casze.


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