Fashion designer, London Couture shares his rise to fame and how he continues to revolutionize the world of fashion as we know it.

Young, vibrant, full of life, and destined for success are just a few adjectives to describe celebrity stylist, London Couture. Based out of Atlanta, you are sure to see some of his head-turning pieces worn by the likes of celebrities such as Marlo Hampton, Phaedra Parks, Erica Campbell, Lil’ Kim, Queen Naja, and people who want to command the room when they walk through the door. SHEEN had the amazing opportunity to have an exclusive interview with this mogul in the making.

So, what made you want to get into fashion?

I got into fashion naturally. I always had this creative side to me. I started off as an illustrator. I used to draw literally everything, and from there, fashion just happened for me. I loved how women dressed, their silhouettes in their clothes, EVERYTHING! I just naturally grew into it.


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