The perfect duo Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters…

As individuals, each bring unique strengths to their projects. The Ying to the Yang equals perfection. With durable, long lasting, well-made last names, let’s get into know more about Forbes and Masters.

Which one of your found interest in interior design first? How old were you?

Monet: We both started when we were younger and discovered our own businesses later in life. After graduating SCAD, I worked for a commercial design job and stayed for a year. I launched my own company and I worked with other designers, while in school. I was pretty active at the age of 23. I started to DIY projects around the house and would advertise services on Craig’s List to get my feet wet while in junior college prior to transferring to SCAD.

Tavia: I started interior design in 2010 after working for my mentor’s townhome. She referred me to friends. My interest started while tagging along with my father when I was younger. My dad was into cabinetry and later entered construction.


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