Intuition it’s the greatest gift God has given us women. However, at times we go against it because we are really interested in the guy, perhaps lonely, and lastly, we just want to see the good in him right sis? Well I’m here to give some pointers on how to catch those Red flags and run for the hills! So, let’s chat. There are more than enough seats at the table for this!

Insecure Men- Ladies this could be dangerous there is nothing deadlier than dating an insecure man. If the man that your dating picks you apart whether it’s your clothing, the way you wear your hair, the way you walk and talk, ladies I am telling you throw the towel in. You need a man who is going to uplift you and not throw his insecurities out on you especially so soon.

Talks about his EX – DEADEND sis run! When you are dating someone there should be minimal talk about an ex there is a reason that person is an ex! Keep them in the past especially if you’re trying to build a future with someone. If your guy starts comparing, and just can’t seem to let go of the past clearly he is not ready for the present and certainly not a FUTURE with you or anyone else!

Inconsistency- Consistency is the most important while dating if the guy you’re dating leaves you guessing he is not serious about dating YOU! Don’t let him play with your feelings because he’s unsure of what he really wants nobody has time to entertain the uncertain!

Identifies as the Victim- When you are dating a man who constantly identifies as a victim, and never takes responsibility for anything that is a serious problem! Ladies you don’t need to date someone that can’t take ownership of their life because guess what YOU my dear will be the blame!

Entitled – YOU need a partner not a project ! “Never waste your pretty” as our good sis @Demetriallucas says on a man that feels like he can live off of you. That is a no no if he is always asking for favors, rides, and money etc I am sorry to tell you he is not the one.