This year has been tough and intense for everyone. So many abrupt changes and adaptation for safety precaution. As I scrolled through social media, I noticed that people are already starting to put up their Christmas decoration to spread holiday cheer; we all need a little Christmas joy. It is not surprising because I remember walking into Sam’s Club early fall and on display was Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decoration all at once. I remember laughing because not only was the weather confused outside, but it also appeared that we managed to be confused by our seasons as well. Sometimes, we can’t tell what season we are walking in. I mean literally, we don’t know what season of life we are dealing with.

Yes, it is almost Christmas, but let us not rush things anymore. Lets slow things down for a moment. Isn’t that what God’s been doing, slowing things down? I’m sure a lot of people were just like me, rushing to get to that next level in life without taking notes of the process. I’m always thinking so far ahead about what is next. Why are we in such a hurry! Let’s not forget the expression of gratitude to God, THANKSGIVING

Lately, everything has been structured and steps have literally been ordered. We were ordered to wear a mask for safety measurements. We were ordered to stay in doors to save our lives and the lives of others. We were ordered to go to work, to the grocery and back home. We had to find new ways to do things. New ways to spend time with family. We had to find new ways to have church. How many people were just like me, so busy with my own life and when things slowed down, found time for important things. Even though our livelihood were shut down, that phone call away seemed to be awfully close. Remember that family dinner you promised to make, I bet you wish you could be there now to hold your love ones a little closer. All the things you meant to do, should have been done in 2020. There is still more time to say, I’m sorry. There is still more time to say, I love you. There is still more time, to heal and forgive. There is still more time, to give thanks!

Weddings were postponed or pushed back; events limited to only immediate family. In this season, we had to make a choice, and by making a choice it showed us that not everyone has to be there. Not everyone is meant for your season. We must continue to move forward without thinking everyone has to show up. How many people kept making moves with a bare minimum and it still happened. In 2020, we learned that less is all we need. This year has dismantled the way we operated, our thought process and the way we were moving. This year has been tough, but it has opened our eyes to see life differently. We’ve been rocking the boat all year, but we are entering into a season of thanksgiving. A season where we give thanks for life, health, and family. It’s time that we hold on to each other and show love because it is needed. We all need love, more now than ever. Again, did someone say, Christmas. Let’s say a blessing first and pass the turkey and dressing.

While we are all gathered around the table and eating our hearts out with family and friends, do not forget to go around the room and say what you are thankful for. So many lives were taken this year, so many hearts were broken; lets love on every moment we have with each other because tomorrow isn’t promised. We could all use a little Christmas cheer, but let’s give thanks first.