WG Design Lab is a partnership between Dionne Warwick and interior designer Bruce Garrick. The collaboration’s specialty is an interior domestic and international design, creating immaculate corporate spaces as well as luxurious homes.

“I met Dionne through my interior design partner, the late Robert Cheroske,” said Garrick. “She expressed love and a passion for interior design. We hit it off immediately and became business partners.”

Garrick has noted that “designs just flow when we get together.” Much like a lot of lifelong partnerships, it all started at a party. 

Now in their third decade of business, WG Design Lab has earned praise from its clients for what Ms. Warwick and Mr. Garrick call creating “casual elegance” – such as their collection of luxury designs to customer satisfaction for interior home renovation, thanks to the company’s team members who are involved with the work from start to finish.

Both Garrick and Warwick have indicated that they try not to limit themselves to the interiors that they design for. “We believe that we don’t walk in tell you how you’re going to live. You tell us how you want to live, Warwick mentions as it relates to their design process.”

We also switch gears, spoke to Warwick about her illustrious tenure in music. The conversation ranged from her experience with Burt Bacchart and Hal David, her family history in music,  and some of her favorite covers done by other artists as it relates to her music. Check out this amazing interview below:

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