First-generation Kenyan American DiscoverU Health executive director Pamgrace Gachenge working to make a difference. Pamgrace diligent work helped make a difference in the lives of many  in the  black and brown communities by providing professional and accessible primary care and acute care partnerships with Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, and Rehabilitation Centers. DiscoverU Health changed the health narrative and experience for many in the  unrepresented communities by providing access through  home-based medical services that are affordable  while working to build an inclusive network offering solutions to unlock healthcare’s potential and improve the experience for the unrepresented  and their families. We here at Sheen are delighted to share Gachenge’s journey of health and wellness care . To learn more about DiscoverU Health read Pamgrace exclusive interview below!

Tell us about your journey of health and wellness care. How did you get into the medical industry?

Inspired by unexpected life trauma, I’ve transformed pain into purpose. At 17 years old, my uncle died in 2006 from AIDS in Kenya. His untimely death inspired my health activism. I observed the stigma, shame, and silence associated with HIV/AIDS and its harmful and deadly impact on families and communities.

My passion for healthcare has evolved from being a freshman student peer educator at Bowie State University (HBCU), which led to the creation of the PAUSE Project (501c3) that advocates for the healing and wholeness of African-American women and adolescents through sexual and mental health education, active self-care, and community support.

Inspired again through unexpected life trauma, my life purpose was ignited to new levels. Awakened by a sudden call that my mother was hospitalized at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, I rushed to her bedside. Upon my arrival, my mother, my hero, and nurse for over 20 years, lay lifeless as medical professionals tried to resuscitate her with CPR. Unfortunately, she died in front of my eyes at 53 on December 26, 2015.

Many health-related illnesses are preventable, which is why I founded DiscoverU Health,  a preventative health multi-specialty medical practice. DiscoverU Health is a NURSE-led health care management firm that provides inclusive Concierge Medicine to Pediatrics and Adults. In addition, we specialize in ‘bringing care to you by offering convenient virtual and home-based medical services.

Although I could not support my mother then, I desire to support you now. I look forward to helping local businesses and individuals with their health and wellness needs.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about the medical system you know not to be true?

The greatest misconception about the medical system is that it’s an equitable system for all. Although there are many initiatives to bridge the health equity gap, health equity is not tangible and not a reality that all can obtain.

An additional misconception is that healthcare, or health care, implies you will be cared for by the medical system. Unfortunately, health care is a ‘health business’ first; therefore, like any organization, the medical system is a business interested in profitability.

What advice do you have for people who are afraid to visit the doctor or seek medical care when they are having health issues? Why would you recommend that them to seek DiscoverU Health?

Preventative health saves lives. I encourage preventive health practices to anyone, regardless of whether they have no evidence of a health issue or others who are actively experiencing it, to seek medical counsel. We are all susceptible to failed health, so we must intentionally develop a health and wellness plan and practice.

If you are afraid to visit the doctor or seek medical care, do it anyways. Do it scared, but move with purpose and intention. Begin by developing a health and wellness plan and practice – identify your needs and research providers that can fulfill your needs. Then, begin a trial-and-error process until you create a great team of medical providers who understand and address your needs with excellent service.

If you’re seeking a doctor or medical care, I highly recommend DiscoverU Health. DiscoverU Health is committed to services, respect, and excellence. We provide affordable concierge medicine tailored to meet your health needs or goals. We have ethically and professionally diverse medical providers, offering convenient virtual and home-based medical services. Also, we are:

  • A membership-only practice.
  • Providing appointment-only services.
  • Eliminating unnecessary wait times and increasing client and provider time to an average of 30 mins per visit.

We have flexible morning and evening availability with business hours from Monday to Saturday, 8 am – 8 pm, six days a week.

What can we look forward to seeing from DiscoverU Health this year?

We are looking forward to establishing new business partnerships and increasing our membership. Many small businesses do not offer their staff healthcare coverage or services, primarily due to cost. We believe healthcare must be accessible to all, and employers must embrace that they are instrumental in making that happen. Therefore, we’ve created a health plan which offers 50-80% less than traditional health insurance. It’s time for small business owners to invest in their staff regardless of staff size; whether you have a team of five or a thousand, we can help you.

Also, we will be opening our first physical location this year. We will be launching a crowdfunding initiative of one million dollars to cover the cost of this location so we can provide the highest quality to our clients. We need your donations and support. Follow DiscoverU Health’s journey as we grow and serve the community.

Where can readers support your business?

Readers should visit our website and press “ Get Started,” in which you can select a business or individual path depending on your needs. You can also sign up for our newsletter and follow us on all social media platforms @discoveruhealth

Is there anything else you like to share with Sheen?

Don’t let the world fool you into thinking money or success is wealth. Health is wealth. Prioritizing your health is always an excellent investment. Therefore, take it seriously because it’s a privilege to live and live healthily.