Victoria stepped out on faith and launched the Center for Health Educators and Safety Specialists, LLC where she provides CPR services and safety training to healthcare professionals and laypersons. Her center services the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.


Who is Victoria outside of your bio? 

Outside of my bio, I am an introvert/extrovert. I am the Health Committee Chair for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.  Anne Arundel County Chapter, an advocacy organization.  I am very social outside my home but once I am inside, I am totally the opposite.  I like it quiet. I am a very loud and fun person when I am with family and friends.  I love to travel and read.  I don’t watch a lot of television, however, I love to watch Law in Order, Criminal Minds, and NCIS.

What motivates you daily? 

I have the ability to impact and empower other black girls and women that can relate to my economic and cultural background.

My family members are also my motivation.  


What would you say to someone looking to learn CPR?  

CPR is a skill that everyone should learn and stay current on.  It’s a skill that you don’t realize you need until you need to use it.  Most importantly CPR is a skill that can save a life. Trained hands save lives is my motto.


What would you say to someone looking to start writing?

 To start, get a writing notebook or dictation software and begin to transcribe your thoughts and feelings. Invest in an experienced editor and get your story out there.  Everyone has a story to tell and can inspire someone else by sharing it.


What do you hope our readers gain from this interview?

First, is that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I hope that the readers will gain valuable information about wanting to learn CPR and building the confidence to share their stories in hopes to inspire and empower other people.  You never know who needs the information that you possess from personal or professional experience.


What are you looking forward to most in 2023?

I am looking forward to expanding my services.  I will be adding Active Shooter training and Mental Health First Aid for Adults, Teens, and Veterans.  Currently, we are in a Mental Health and Public Safety crisis and training individuals on the proper way to respond to incidents are critical in keeping the public safe.


Photo Credits: Victoria Y. Buggs