For years I had horrible skin. My face was replete with dark spots, zits and there was a kind of dullness on my face. I had been using each and every product of every expensive brand (I will not take names) which I used to come across every now and then, but used to get no positive results. Soon I reached at such an extreme level that I started believing there was a fault with my own skin. I started believing this was the way my skin was. When I imagine myself in the same position I feel helplessness and pain which I must had faced at that time.

I was so frustrated with conventional skin care products that I started relying on my diet. I thought complete hydration and eating natural and organic fruits would definitely help me to some extent. I remember, there was one day I was using a lemon for my juice and accidentally and without purpose rubbed a lemon peel on one of zits on my face. Soon after, I realized that rubbing lemon peel was actually working on my zit. Therefore, I kept using lemon wedges for dark spots and discovered a secret to dark spotting. With time, my dark spots started disappearing with the use of lemon peels.
Luckily, it was the time when I had found out the importance of DIY, organic and homemade products. As of now, I use my own DIY recipes for my skin care regime and will be glade to share with you. Following five simple DIY recipes I have tried and recommend you all to try too!

Green Tea for Peeling, Red Skin

If you are worn out of dealing with peeling skin and redness due to eczema or psoriasis on your face and find no remedy in conventional beauty products then you must run to this easy, homemade and chemical free DIY recipe. For your information, green tea acts as an antioxidant on your skin and can prove effective on redness and underlying inflammation. Take two bags of green tea and put it inside a cup of boiling water for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes take tea bag out and get the boiling water into a separate container. Add half cup of rose water into that boiling water and mix well. Pour the water in spray bottle and keep it inside the refrigerator for later use. You can also use it as a tonner for daily use.

Egg White and Yogurt for Clean Pores

Almost everybody deals with pores on some parts of facial skin especially around nose area. Pores look ugly on the skin and must be treated gently and mildly. This mask made of essential ingredients of egg white, yogurt and avocado is a complete package for all skin types. Avocado and lactic acid in eggs contain moisture. Moreover, egg white contains a lot of proteins and is one of widely used skin care ingredient. One egg contains around 3.6 grams of proteins. These proteins have skin-tightening effects and absorb excess oil from your skin. Take a bowl and add one egg white, one tablespoons of bio yogurt and half avocado. Mix well and apply it on your face for ten minutes. Rinse that mask off after 10 minutes and have a glowing and tightened skin.

Honey-Turmeric Face Pack to Treat Oily Skin

This two ingredient face pack is very effective for acne and oily skin because it contains turmeric and honey. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. These characteristics may provide glow and luster to the skin. Take two tablespoon of raw honey half tablespoon of wild turmeric. Mix well the solution and gently apply a thin layer on clean face. Let it be there for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off with normal water. The pack contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties that may benefit oily, and acne-prone skin.


This feature was submitted by Lakesa Howard


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