For Future references, I am a Libra, and I mean, I’m a WHOLE Libra, the aura, the style, and emotional state on an everyday basis. But, often wondered when it comes to starting a conversation with your potential partner, what’s the first thing you may ask, or they might ask?

Wait, what’s your sign? It’s not compatible with their zodiac sign.” Houston, we have a problem!

But, does it matter when it comes to relationships?

Here’s my take on it: You might be lucky to have a love interest that seems to have the right amount in common such as hobbies, values, plans, and the passion for music and comic books.

Unfortunately, there will be a problem your compatibility chart shows you might not be compatible with Astrology standards. Don’t get me wrong; it’s pretty unique to learn about different zodiac signs that maybe accompanied by people you know and love. As I said at the beginning of this article,

I’m a real libra, yes, even the attitude and loveable attributes, ha!

So, I decided to ask some of my CLOSE friends who, just like me, is all about horoscopes, and some are in current relationships.

Student and Aquarius:

“Not really, I feel like it’s more to do with the foundation to see what a person might somewhat would be like based on their zodiac sign. For example, Capricorns are stubborn that could be a bit of a problem.”

Entrepreneur and Libra:

“Nope, it doesn’t matter, especially if you fall in love with someone, particularly if you love everything about them, but being an Aquarius isn’t going to be a deal-breaker since well, my zodiac sign is a libra.

Student and Capricorn

“I don’t know precisely about signs; however, I know once this potential love interest shows his true colors in a negative light maybe, their zodiac sign is correct, that’s a sign, and I’m now a believer.”

Teacher and Pisces

“Zodiac signs don’t phase me or any relationship; however, I do look up compatibility when it comes to a new and exciting crush. It doesn’t hurt. But I don’t live by zodiac sign I live by making my own decisions if we match in a relationship then we both should be happy.”

It seems apparent that we can get either dream or go by our drum when it comes to the zodiac sign and what they intel based on your significant other.  On the other side, when you consider that for ages and even centuries before dating applications. With algorithms arrangers around the world being used by astrology to have the energy on whether two individuals would make the perfect couple. Although the zodiac chart does seem to be helpful maybe,  the biggest misconception, though, it that just by the bond and love of two people, but at the end of the day, you have a complete control whom you choose to love it’s that simple.