I want a girl with extensions in her hair, bamboo earring at least two pair, fendi bag and a bad attitude, that’s all I need to get me in a good mood”, I bet you started nodding your head and rapping the lyrics of the infamous Ladies Love Cool James himself; LL Cool J’s hit single, Around the Way Girl.
The ’90s had that way of making you feel like everyday was going to be a good day and for every woman when her hair is looking good, she feels even better. Born in Los Angeles, California, Professional Hairstylist, Maya Smith has traveled the world doing what she loves and created an empire that not only educates customers on how to maintain and take care of their hair outside of salon visits, but she also ensures that knows her own products inside and out to provide the best for her customers. Maya began her journey of being a hair stylist at 15 years of age while still attending high school. Now 27 years later she is giving natural hair ladies a reason to do The Doux with her professional line of products ranging from Suck Free shampoo to Fresh Rinse conditioner to Mousse Def texture foam. Catering to all hair types, Smith is giving clients a one-of-a-kind experience from beginning to the end, she says, “The experience in working in a salon is so personal because you get to interact and engage with your clients. When clients walk into my salon, and they use my products I want them to know that I care and I’m concerned about the treatment of their hair. I consider myself a teaching stylist so while a client is receiving their service, they are also being educated on what products to use and how to properly use them. I want my clients to be able to walk away with a lot of information and insight which is apart of the service that they are paying for.”

The love of the 90’s is seen and felt all throughout The Doux from the salon to the products. You see funky colors and jive lyrics from some of hip-hops greatest hits showcased on each product giving all the nostalgia of an epic area in music history.

Smith says,“I wanted to be different and create something that reflected something that I love, which is hip-hop. The 90’s hip-hop scene was just a feeling where you could feel it as soon as the beat came on. When I created The Doux, my goal was to be authentic to myself and give people a little bit of me with each product. From the colors to the patterns on the packaging, it all shows my love for the 90’s and the music. When I started doing hair in 1994, hip-hop was everywhere and the lyrics are iconic. You can’t help but get a great feeling that takes you back when you pick up my products at a store or order online.” 

Smith takes pride in creating a product line where she knows each ingredient and how it will growth and promote the health of your hair.

“Science is important when it come to formulating products. You have to know what’s going into the products so that people can trust you when it comes to what is going into their hair for the best results and who they are spending their money with. I take my time to be educated on what chemicals address the needs of hair. Because there are so many different types of hair, its important to know what your hair needs in order to be healthy, moisturized and maintained. A lot of people like to focus on the styling part of hair maintenance that they neglect the health of the strands. So, when it comes to science its so important to know what your products are made of.”

Maya is having everyone loving The Doux which can be purchased at retail chains from Walmart to Target and online.

Featured Image by Brian Smith