With over 20 plus years in the beauty industry, Anthara Patrice knows a thing or two about what it takes to become a successful entrepernuer. When we think of a beauty that exemplifies success and strength, Patrice is the first to come to mind. Why? the serial entrepernuer nearly lost her life back in 2016 at the hands of her future husband. Not only was the event life-changing but it was motivating to her as well because she took action to provide other survivors, like herself access to finanical resources. We sat down with Anthara Patrice to discuss her business creation, MyBeautyFill, her passion to bring awareness to domestic violence, and much more.

First off, tell us how you juggle life as a serial entrepreneur?

Well, I have a team but I also understand that business fluctuates. You have to know how to schedule and always serve your team first.

Why are you so dedicated to bringing awareness to domestic violence?

I almost lost my life three years ago, four days before I was planning to be married. That experience revealed to me the lack of resources available for nontraditional domestic violence violence. This is men or women who may be entrepreneurs or well off that aren’t familiar with the territory of the post-trauma of physical, emotional, or finance abuse that comes from domestic violence. Going through that experience revealed to me that there needed to be something available for those victims, which I was at that time. That is exactly why, I almost lost my life.

Tell us about MyBeautyFill.

MyBeautyFill is a beauty booking platform that connects beauty professionals and beauty brands with their consumers. They can connect through a search field, video consulting, or educational consulting for products. We also have a hidden domestic violence resource area so a victim can search for a specific appointment type which our professional and brand partners will know about. It will automatically direct them to resources in their area. Right now, we’ve only partnered for resources in Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta.

Where do you hope to see yourself and your brand in the years to come?

I hope to see the brand go worldwide as far as providing domestic violence resources and also being an advocate for domestic violence. Within the beauty industry, I plan to see us grow worldwide as far as the booking platform, event activation, and eventually cosmetology schools as well!

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All photos by Derrick Turner