Dr. Charmaine Powell is a published author, entrepreneur, spiritual mentor, and midwife who is committed making a positive change on the world through her work. She’s often praised for her leadership and collaboration as well as her devotion to helping others find their voices. She believes in the power of sharing your story to inspire others and has done exactly that over the last decade. She certainly did that during this Sheen Magazine exclusive where she encourages women to step in and help one another, to share their stories, and set higher standards for themselves to achieve their greatest aspirations. 

Who is Dr. Charmaine Powell?

I am an energetic, resilient, and talented writer and self-publisher. I am a self-made entrepreneur, a spiritual mentor, and midwife who’s helped many women walk into their divine purpose. My passion and calling are to preach, teach, and lead God’s people. My vision is to start a learning center for kingdom building for those called into leadership.

My love for meeting and empowering others inspired my podcast and Facebook talk shows—Kingdom Business Corner and the Diamonds in the Rough Empowerment Hour. I have self-published six books: Arise Daughters Women’s Devotional Volumes 1 and 2, From the Heart of the Author, Diamonds in the Rough Anthology 1st and 2nd Editions, and Diamonds of Inspirations. I coauthored We Are Survivors: Visual Empowerment Journal, Stepping In Our Territories and Blue Prints From Heaven… with more to come! 

What inspired you to become an author?

Diamonds in the Rough was my favorite because it was such an urgent mandate in my spirit to put together. It was a prophecy fulfilled. A dear friend and prophetess spoke it to me the year before, but I didn’t think any more about it. Around this time, I was invited to work on a collaboration with my pastor’s daughter. I was so excited because it was my first opportunity to be published in someone else’s book.

God was also pushing me heavily to launch my ministry. I did just that, but to my surprise, I was removed from the collaboration because they felt it was a conflict of interest since I left the church. I was extremely disappointed, but that was short-lived because God revealed a greater platform for me to self-publish. Before I published the first edition of Diamonds in the Rough, I published three books. God is always faithful to open greater doors if we only trust Him and wait. You won’t be disappointed.  

Why is so important to empower women?

Empowering women is empowering yourself. She is your sister, not your competitor. The only woman we should compete against is the woman in the mirror—the part of you that pushes you to hold onto yesterday; the victim who tries to revisit those dark, familiar places. We must strive to be better than the woman in the mirror so that we can empower one another. Together we can conquer so much. There are so many women who have been abused, misused, and taken advantage of. I’d like to say that we as women owe it to one another to build each other up and remind each other, “Girl, keep shining! You can do it! You’re a diamond! You deserve better!” If we don’t speak life into one another, who will? If we don’t believe in one another, who will? We are our sister’s keeper.  

What are the traits of a leader?

I love leadership and the value it brings. I teach leadership in ministry and this is what I teach my students:

Servant: To be a great leader, you must first be a servant. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Never delegate to others something that you aren’t willing to do yourself; this is an abuse of power.

Commitment: This isn’t a temporary role. It must be your character, your DNA.

Dedication: You’re in it for the long haul. Whether there’s financial compensation or not, be dedicated to your purpose.

Sacrifice: To whom much is given, much is required. You’ll sacrifice time, money, and whatever it takes to effectively fulfill your purpose.

Compassion: Be compassionate and understanding. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Ambition: You’re driven and ambitious. Be a visionary of where you’re going and what you’ll do. Others will be drawn to your leadership and will want to follow you because you know where you’re going and how to get there.

What sense of purpose do you draw from your culture or community?

The sense of purpose I’ve drawn from my culture is to take the gifts and talents that God has given me and use them to positively impact my community where it’s needed. I see the need to reach out to the unfortunate and show them the love of Christ. We giveaway items like food, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, etc. We spend time with them in prayer and counseling. Sometimes, just lending a listening ear is enough. Sometimes, we must put others in higher esteem than ourselves. So many are going through worse than we are, which means we must look outside ourselves to see that. Christ set that example when He spent time with outcasts and rejects. He saw beyond their faults and dealt with their needs. We are commissioned to follow suit. 

Why is it so important for women to collaborate?

Collaboration builds friendships, confidence, and strength. We all have something to bring to the table. If we all bring something, then we can all feast together—no woman left behind. We as individual women have amazing stories and experiences that need to be shared. You never know how much you’ll impact others with your story. Your story is not your own. You can help those who are still in the trenches of their struggle. Don’t underestimate the power of your story because your guidance, your story may be her way out of abuse, out of sin, or out of darkness. You just may be her HERO.

How can we reach you or learn more about your work?

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