Don’t finish my pllaatteee?

This is the exact face I made when I heard it’s unladylike to finish your entire plate while on a date. There’s so many “expectations and rules” for women to follow while on dates and they all sound ridiculous.

However, this one…


I’m finishing my plate and I’m ordering desert too.

As I was scrolling down my social media timelines, I was trying to figure out who in their right mind would agree with this ignorance. For the most part, majority of the social media users disagreed; however, there were a few that supported this statement.

Now, I don’t judge people for what they agree with, but if you don’t have a valid reason or actual facts that support your belief, that’s a problem.

I legit wanted to understand why someone would agree with this and I came across two reasons that I’m about to shut down.



“Finishing your plate makes you look hungry, as if you only agreed to the date so that you can get free food.”

The purpose of the date, a dinner date especially, is to…

Say it with me…


Of course there would be talking, getting to know each other, etc…but eating is the main event. If I’m hungry, on a date, and there’s food in front of me, you’re saying I shouldn’t finish because it’ll make me LOOK hungry???


Why should I starve because you’re uncomfortable with me not wasting your money?

Make it make sense.


“Just get a ‘to go’ container for the rest of the food, so you can eat it after the date.”

Orrrr, I could eat it during the date while the food is still fresh. Even if I get a ‘to go’ container, overall I’ll still be eating the entire plate. There has to be some type of weird satisfaction men (or whoever agrees with this statement) get when a woman does not finish their plates.

Do y’all think women who don’t finish their plates are healthier than ones who do?

Do y’all think women who finish their plates are easier to talk to?

Like, what is it? Cause at this point, it’s foolishness.