Finding the right shade of makeup can be very challenging, especially for women of color. That “pink lush” is really “inmate orange” on you; you feel me? We’ve all been there too and it’s rather upsetting after dropping a few benjamins last minute before the hot date with, what’s his face you met off Tinder four hours ago. 

There are more brands that are becoming ahem; WOC friendly, meaning by providing more colors on the spectrum to truly deliver all shades to humankind; from the whitest ivory to the richest darks, every woman (and some men) should know that there’s a makeup line for them and perhaps created for and by them too, if you get my gist.

I recently came across a new, fun, totally my vibe cosmetics line called Hunnideux founded by Alicia Marie from Houston, TX. As soon as I saw the packaging it spoke to me like when Target speaks to me when I run in to “just get one thing” when really I am walking out with everything that’s not on my checklist. The collection brings back a good time in my life, the 80’s & early 90’s nostalgia; when I was trying to be Madonna, Whitney, Cyndi,  Banarama, Spinderella (from Salt ‘n Pepa), Janet, and Vanessa all at once. From the big hair, to the fishnet crop tops, to bright AF blue eyeshadow, I was that girl. That girl also had no bills, remember those days ladies?

Anyway, I went straight to the eye shadow, my favorites, Pinky Boots and Fool (as in Fool’s Gold) subtly mixed. With its rich pigmentation these two blended together creates a mesmerizing, sort of sunset effect on my lids, the color is absolutely stunning and last! Finishing up my hot girl summer look, comes the blush. Hunideux’s blushes are super smooth, high pigmented, and really does my Native American cheekbones justice; speaking of cheekbones, Mariah Carey would totally rock this collection too. I’ve always had problems finding the right blush that didn’t make me look like the Annabelle doll, really do my best to not scare a boy on our first date. The blush color  that does my complexion justice? The Alicia Marie; rich, silky mauve color. 

I am happy to have found a brand that’s female & WOC owned, fun, spunky, affordable, ethically made, and cruelty free. You can shop the NEW collection at and follow them on IG at