I knew that I was ready when I heard there was a male dominating the beauty and music industry. Dorion Renaud, actor, musician, and beauty founder sat down with Sheen Magazine to catch up on his recent endeavors. We talk about his steps towards the music industry while also managing a major beauty line. Buttah recently just launched their Hyaluronic Gel Cream, an oil-free moisturizer. He’s making a true name for himself by walking in his own lane of mixing beauty and entertainment. Catch the chat below:

What was it like working with Elijah Blake and Buttah-n-Bizket to make this track?

I’ve been a fan of Elijah’s and Buttah-n-Bizket for quite some time. Elijah wrote ‘Climax’ for Usher, which is one of my favorite songs, and Buttah-n-Bizket are musical geniuses. It was important to me to work with artists that appreciated true soul and feeling to translate my vision of Buttah into sound.

How does “Body” show the importance of black luxury? What made you want to visually bring your brand to life?

Our bodies are royalty. I created my Body line because I was inspired by the richness of our melanin and the vibrant moves that only we can make with our bodies. “Body” is a song about empowerment and being proud of the body you have. That’s also what I hope people get from Buttah.

What made you mix skincare and music? What are your goals for music in the future?

I think self-care and music go hand in hand. If you listen to something that makes you feel good it adds to your self-care routine. My goal in music is for people to have a soundtrack to their self-care and continue pushing the envelope with my sound.

Talk about some of the new product lines that we can expect from Buttah Skin.

We recently just launched our oil-free moisturizer. We have an SPF coming out this summer, along with about 10 other products and gadgets before Fall. Our Tea Tree scrub is coming out on Friday, plus an SPF and a range of new products dropping later this year

Vogue said that you’re one business to invest in, how does that change your investment within the industry? Have you considered creating investments for multicultural businesses?

I’m honored that Vogue recognized me in this way. It’s crazy because when I first started Buttah I didn’t know if anyone wanted to invest. It’s one of my main goals as well as Buttah’s, to use our resources to help other brands.

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