There is a new collaboration you need on your radar! Dove and Black-owned brand Brother Vellies have teamed up in order to release the Beauty Retreat Line.

In this collection, there are three sets of shampoos and conditioners as well as three leave-on treatments that address different hair concerns for beauts around the world.

Whether it be breakage, hydration, or even a dry scalp, there was something created specifically for you! The new collection also includes hair accessories such as a pillowcase, a scrunchie, and headscarf. Dove and Auora James – the founder of Brother Vellies released the brand earlier this week. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Breakage Remedy Collection (retails for $35) includes a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-on treatment, along with the scrunchie. It was create to restore damaged hair. Formulated with Dove’s Nutrient-lock-serum that contains amino acids to strengthen the hair.

The Hydration Spa collection (retails for $55) includes the shampoo, conditioner, and headscarf for all those that want moisture added to the hair. Finally, the Dry Scalp Care Collection (retails for $65) includes a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-on treatment. They are infused with glyercin and niacinamide to promote microcirculation and soothe the scalp.

The accessories are unfortuantely, limited edition so you’ll want to make sure you act fast.

The products are avaliable at Target and each retail for $8.


Featured Image obtained from the official Dove Instagram