Dr. Betty Burroughs Speaks is an award winning inspired living Speaker, Army retired veteran, and celebrity publicist. The woman of many hats is dedicated to serving others by using her wisdom and past experiences to help people. Having started her service journey at just 15 years old, it’s clear that she knows a thing or two when it comes to overcoming the challenges life throws at us. We caught up with her recently to discuss her new book, ‘The Resurrection IMPRINT ACT “Leaders Rising to Lead’ and much more!

Tell our readers a little about yourself.

Betty Speaks is retired with HONORS from the United States Army,  an award winning I Change Nations International Ambassador,  Speaker, Global Network Virtual Marketer and Entrepreneur, 8x Best Selling Collaborated Author, Jesus Woman at Godheads Ministry, Mastery Story Teller, Certified Black Belt Speaker plus she has been featured on TV shows and a host of Radio broadcasting.  Betty is extremely passionate with helping individuals establish themselves and their journey in LIFE NOW by providing faith-based mentorship plus designing an individualized plan that propels one into their God-given life purpose!  CEO of A Life Change Now, Inspirational Speaker on Our Praise Christian Network TV and A after sought after Podcaster Host Overcoming Battles by Being Strong and Courageous. 

As an International World Civility Ambassador, Dr. Betty Burroughs Speaks uses her wisdom and ability to direct important issues regarding humanity and instilling HOPE in others globally. 

Can you tell us about International Song it’s Resurrection?

It’s Resurrection, is an intentional transformational Song designed to build community amongst ALL individuals inspiring us to rise above life’s most atrocious encounters or circumstances and continue to excel.

What inspired your book, The Resurrection IMPRINT ACT “Leaders Rising to Lead?

Death came upon me three times on my journey in life each time the holy spirit interfered reminding me that I was chosen to live and not die.  I still had missions to accomplish that would leave an imprint on the lives of others who were chosen to lead.  Additionally, for More than 200 years women have been Impacting Changes in the world “The Resurrection IMPRINT ACT “Leaders Rising to Lead” is an opportunity to give my testimony from a leaders’ perception as that Wise Women to share my challenging life IMPACTS that triggered me to Rise and Lead.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in 2021?

Inspirational Speaker on Our Praise Christian Network TV

Worldwide Podcaster Host Overcoming Battles by Being Strong and Courageous

Empowering and Encouraging Women Worldwide to experience A Life Change NOW!  For more than 200 years women with a “vision” have been Women Creating Impact worldwide. It’s our time to share our IMPACTS that were challenging by experiencing A Life Chang NOW! Rise and Lead Ladies!

Where there is “No Vision” People Perish, Proverbs 29:18 KJV.

Dr. Betty Speaks World Civility Ambassador International Speaker/Author/Certified Professional Christian Coach USA.

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