Over the years, Dr. Boyce Watkins (“Dr. Watkins”), a leading financial expert, has worked diligently to change the connotation of what it means to be a black scholar and leader in America. With over 18,000 videos, speeches, and articles, Dr. Watkins has encouraged millions of followers to execute strategies of generational wealth as a solution to the problems that plague the Black community.

After sharing his message with millions on YouTube and appearing on major media outlets including CNN, ABC News, NBC, and others, Dr. Watkins launched the Black Business School, which has over 150,000 students around the world, who receive a high quality, college-level business school education for a fraction of the cost.

Dr. Watkins believes that “traditional colleges are often stuck in the theories of the ivory tower,” aims to create a movement of people interested in creating a strong Black economy and financial freedom, and he is!

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Photo credit:  Boyce Watkins Enterprises