Brought by media executive CaSay Vaughn and DJ Jay Claxton, a new docu-series is here to allow viewers a chance to explore how business led to love! The new series titled, Love & Business on Lock highlights couple’s from a collective and individual perspective. We get an inside look at how professional relationships turned into romantic ones! We caught up with the two to discuss the idea behind creating the docu-series and how couples have  successfully proven to work together and love one another at the same time.

Tell us about the Love and Business on Lock podcast.

Jay: Love & Business on Lock, features couples who share their journey of how their professional relationships transitioned to romantic relationships. The series will highlight each couple’s individual and collective experiences which contributed to them moving beyond the original purpose of their connection.

How did the idea come about to merge your knowledge into this podcast?

Dr. CaSayThe idea came about as a result of our relationship. Jay and I started off as business partners. Jay initially came to me to help him with branding and reaching different avenues in media. He knew it was time to grow as a Radio Personality and DJ .

Jay: Our working together so closely we became great friends and then I fell in love with Casay. I begin to realize how much she meant to me. How she unselfishly made sure that I was good. Casay took a lot from people around me but she still stood TEN TOES DOWN.

Dr. CaSay: So there you have it in the most of us working we fell in love. And realized that we were doing what most people have issue with . We were able to mix our Love and Business and now we have the blueprint to put it on Lock.

photo by Edith WILLIAMS for Diamond Digital

How would you describe your overall experience on FOXSOUL’s The Book of Sean?

Jay: Our overall experience was amazing. The FoxSoul crew is amazing. We were booked by Destinee DuBose she is amazing. Dr. Sean gave us a compelling interview and pulled out of us some moments that we needed to remember.

What are you two currently working on and what can we expect to see from you all in the future?

Dr. CaSay: Of course Jay is still being HEAVILY booked DJYING . We are also working on some things in radio . However our focus is the show , Love Business on Lock. We are looking forward to sharing the stories of our couples. Our couples range from Celebrity couples to Business Entrepreneurs.

Jay: In the future you will see a lot from us . The “CouplePreneurs “ movement , Radio Shows, Social and Community Involvement, Artist Development and so much more.

photo by Jackie Hicks for Fond Memories

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