I believe that if you look up the definition of phenomenal woman, you would find Dr.K.C Fox name right next to it. Impactful, insightful and not afraid to be a champion or voice to the voiceless. She’s definitely our  modern day superwoman/a shero; making moves that have never been made, and bringing massive attention to things that would normally go unnoticed. 

Prior to starting an enterprise of businesses, Dr.K.C Fox worked for Tribune Media, where she held the title Director of Broadcast Technology, On- Air Operations as well as the Executive Producer for the first all-minority local/live reality morning show. Tribune is one of the country’s largest media outlets owning 42 television stations to include the WGN superstation. K.C. has been noted as the only female as well as one the youngest to hold this title making it even more notable owning it in the fifth largest market in the country.

In Addition, K.C. runs a successful media and crisis communication firm. Her clientele range from professional NBA and NFL athletes, Civil Rights Attorneys, business owners and politicians. Her firm has served as the strategic mind and crisis communication team behind some of the biggest names and cases in the civil and women’s rights arena such as cases against R Kelly. Her passion for helping others gave birth to her flagship “Lady General Camp” a female leadership camp for 

Sheen had the opportunity to sit and speak with this phenomenon of a woman. 

Sheen: Please introduce yourself to the ready audience.  

My name is K.C. Fox, and I am a double minority multi-hyphenate. I am a serial entrepreneur with disciplines as a media expert, civil rights activist, and woman rights leader.  I was born on March 16, 1977, Shreveport, Louisiana. My formal education consist of degrees and certifications around Journalism, Emergency Management, Non-profit Management, film, telecommunications, radio, broadcasting, real estate, and criminal justice.  I also hold degree level credentials in Strategic Management, Entertainment and sports from the esteemed Harvard University. 

I have served as the chairperson for Civil Rights under the name “National Coalition of 100 Black Women” and serve as the founder of “The Lady General Foundation” which is a black woman led and ran organization whose sole mission to create the next generation of minority female leaders. 

As a member/advisor to Roc Nations United Justice Coalition; it is a pleasure and a duty for me to raises awareness of social justice issues and lead the charge in demanding reform in them.  In addition, I am  the Co-founder of “Sisters of the Movement “an organization whose work is to author bills and  implement laws at a federal level that will mitigate and prevent violence against minorities.  

I joined the United Sates Air Force and served the military for nine years including a deployment to Northern Iraq during Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom. During this deployment I took up the role as the primary combat communications sergeant for the 506 Expeditionary security forces squadron and the primary assistant to the Battle Captain in Combat Operations.  My services and dedication towards my designations earned me top honors that only some could dream up during wartime. 

Sheen: How do you define success?

One of my favorite quotes is “No one woman is greater than her team”.  How can I be successful if my team and the community does not benefit.  Success is irrelevant if I do not serve my purpose. Success is uniquely contingent upon the service you provide to people and the long-term impact of those people and the people that they touch. If it doesn’t have staying power, it doesn’t fit the bill of how I define success. 

Sheen: How have you used your influence to enhance the lives of others? 

Strategic alignment. Creating a plan and making it so. I’ve been able to leverage authentic relationship that allow me access to audiences that need something that I can provide, thus influencing others. 

I have created jobs and fostered opportunities to thousands of young minority men and women. This truly is my biggest flex. If you encounter my presence, there is a 100% guarantee that you will walk away with something that you didn’t have before. May be something tangible or something non-tangible. Either way, you’re leaving with something. 

Sheen: How do you plan to make noise this last quarter of 2022?

Not sure what came over me, but I went into Q4 with jets blazing. I have attained a franchise in the educational space with one of the most lucrative brands across the country. I am so excited to break ground in the coming months. This has set me on a path to make major impact both internally and externally. In addition, I launched a logistic company that is off to a great start securing some of the industry’s most sought-after contracts like Amazon. We’re cooking with grease these last three months of the year. 

Sheen: What is the mantra that you live by?

Never be afraid to be EXTRAordinary. Being EXTRA changes nations. 

Sheen: How can people connect with you?

  • Twitter: @ thekcfoxx
  • LinkedIn: @K.C. Fox
  • Instagram: @thekcfoxx
  • Facebook: @thekcfoxx

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