Dr. Karen Fields is a dentist and owner of 28 to Brush (located in Chicago) is a woman on a mission to keep people’s smiles bright, especially now during our current pandemic. She’s not only a woman that stands for the black community, but she is clearly passionate about bringing good dental hygiene awareness to any and every one! We caught up with her to discuss how we can maintain oral health during this difficult time and why dentists should not be overlooked, especially now!

Tell us about the inspiration behind 28 to Brush.

Our Office; 28 to Brush was inspired by all things modern, relaxed and comfy within our space. The elements that we wanted to emphasize in our clinical setting were the ability to offer affordable, quality Dentistry in a welcoming environment. We wanted to do it for the community!

Why is bringing good dental hygiene and awareness to the black community so important to you?

Often, we as African Americans forget about our overall health in General. We have the highest rates of Coronary Disease, and Diabetes within our community. Oral Health is key to emphasize as it is directly related to systemic health. Now we are even noticing how Oral Health is correlated to Mental Health as well. So in order to maintain the healthy state of your mouth, one can also improve their overall health and this is a key for our community!

With our current pandemic, do you mind sharing a few tips on how to maintain oral health?

Brush and floss! We are in a more comfortable state since quarantining, and many are neglecting the basics of home care-which is understandable. We are more comfortable and are social distancing. With this, we cannot avoid still taking care of ourselves with brushing and flossing! It is important!

Why do you believe dentists shouldn’t be overshadowed especially during this time?

No competition or a need to feel overshadowed at all-in my opinion. All of us as healthcare professionals have specific duties and our number one goal is to ensure care is taken towards patients in the best way possible. This includes all levels of Healthcare!

Do you hope to expand 28 to Brush? What can we expect to see from Dr. Karen in the future?

Absolutely, we truly hope to expand! We foresee opening a second office in the future so that we can stretch into  other communities in Chicago. For the most part, I hope to be a conduit for Oral Health with my other colleagues.

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Featured Image by Grace Micheal