Dr. Laquore Meadows is a strong believer that things occur in life not despite of – instead success often arrives at one’s doorstep because of. Having grown up in an environment where the love shared was greater than the financial means, her early life experiences served as a major catalyst toward pursuing a Ph.D. and establishing the ‘Invest 2 Give’ financial empowerment platform.

Tell us about your journey from Poverty to Ph.D:

I am a strong believer that things occur in life not despite of – instead success often arrives at our doorstep because of. Because I grew up in an environment where the love shared was greater than our financial means, my early life experiences served as a major catalyst toward my pursuit of a Ph.D.

Growing up in Lincoln Heights, Ohio helped to shape me into the woman that I am and the fierce entrepreneur that I am and will always be becoming. From navigating my way through the rugged sidewalks of Valley Homes, to being awaken daily by gunshots fired by the police shooting range what felt like stood right outside of my square bedroom window, to the years of feeling less than adequate because I never lived in a house like many of my friends who lived in wealthier neighborhoods in my school district – all of these things coupled with the wisdom of my grandmother, tenacity of my mother and unyielding support from my aunt served as inspiration to take my education and my life to the next level.

Additionally, I would be remiss if I did not speak to the influence that the University of Cincinnati Upward Bound Program had on my educational journey. Upward Bound changed my life.  This program showed me through experiences outside of my community what was possible. It did not matter where you started from – the goal was always to strive toward greater. I will be forever grateful for their investment in me and most notably their steadfast devotion to my future.

How has stock trading been instrumental to your financial growth?

Trading stocks is a whole vibe! I love it for many reasons. Not only has It helped me to transition from a sole consumerist mindset – it has helped me to develop and operate from a global perspective. Most significantly, stock trading has set the stage for the financial blessing that I desire to leave to those who have and will come behind me. Furthermore, stock trading is a skill that a person can utilize for life – it’s pandemic and recession proof because regardless of the direction that the market is moving you can create income on demand every day. It is for this very reason that I teach courses that can help take someone from knowing zero about the stock market to generating hundreds if not thousands of dollars daily by leveraging stocks and options contracts. I then encourage my students to also teach their children – this is generational for me. If one understands how to trade on the stock market, stick to their risk tolerance and navigate their emotions, access to money will always be at their fingertips.

What first step or two should one take, if interested in starting with Stock Trading?

I absolutely love this question and have built my business around providing a solution to help people navigate these steps. First and foremost, I encourage individuals to seek to understand their most valuable asset – themselves. I then encourage my clients to take a look back and think through how what they learned as a young person about money influences their relationship with money today. Are they a risk taker? Are they an avid saver? What do their money habits look like? What should they look like? These questions are important because they can influence how a person shows up when establishing and/or executing their investment strategies.

In my new e-book Income on Demand: The Complete Playbook for Beginning Stock Traders I take readers through an extensive activity to dig deep into these areas. Visit my website for more information and to grab a copy. Secondly, educating yourself on the stock market is mission critical. Learning the language and immersing yourself in spaces where there are conversations occurring about the market can be very beneficial to a person’s success. I also recommend thinking through and selecting a strategy. Is investing for the long term or creating income on the stock market in the short term the goal or is it both? Each approach will require a different strategy and investment of time; however, being an educated participant in the market can undoubtedly set a person and their back account up for financial success.

Tell us about your apparel brand:  

Absolutely! I am super excited to launch The Chosen For More Collective! The Chosen For More Co. is an edu-lifestyle brand created to catalyze a conversation about investing in income generating assets as well as investing in oneself through messages placed on our apparel. In an effort to transition the conversation into action, I have also designed digital educational products to help a community of narrative changers generate income on the stock market.

My belief is that regardless of one’s zip code of residence or amount in their bank account, the combination of inspiration + implementation can serve as a catalyst to influence the financial narrative of generations. Visit for more information and to check out our new arrivals. 

What’s next for you in 2021 and how can readers connect with you online?

What next??? Ha! I am super excited to launch an idea that I have had in my back pocket for over a year! My new initiative that I am super proud of is called Stocks & Sorors. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated I love connecting with and serving alongside my fellow Greek sisters. For this reason and in honor of Sigma Gamma Rho’s centennial year my aim is to catalyze 1908 women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 1913 women on Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc., 1920 women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and 1922 women of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. to open their own self-directed brokerage account and begin their investing or trading journey before the end of 2022.

Why the end of 2022? I’m glad you asked… At the conclusion of 2022 which iso the centennial year celebration for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated – Black Greek female organizations will have collectively invested over 400 years of service to our communities – just imagine what it would look like if we set the stage to bless our families financially for the next 400 more? This is my sole aim. The intergenerational transfer of wealth. My first live event will launch in Atlanta, Georgia on September 19 and I will be visiting other cities throughout the next year. Virtual engagement and Stocks & Sorors courses will also be available. Please visit for event information.

I absolutely love to connect with individuals who are interested in getting started on their stock investing and/or trading journey. To reach me and/or to find out information regarding my courses, coaching, ebook, membership program or to book me for a speaking engagement please visit or follow me on IG, Pinterest and/or YouTube.

All images by Jamar Meadows of Brand7Studio