Dr. Markey Pierré’s lifetime commitment to professional excellence, community service, and good public policy has led to substantive progress for the State of Louisiana in many areas, including K-12 and higher education, construction, health care, maritime law, and municipal government. During her 20 plus year career as a successful business owner and executive, author, motivational speaker, lobbyist, and adjunct professor, Dr. Pierré’s philosophy of inclusive leadership resulted in pioneering legislation that has had far-reaching positive consequences for generations to come. Throughout her professional career, Dr. Pierré has earned numerous honors for her professional excellence and unwavering commitment to community service. She has received the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Business Woman of the Year Award for Shreveport-Bossier African American Chamber of Commerce and was named one of the Top Businesswomen in Shreveport Bossier by SB Magazine. Dr. Pierré is also a recipient of the prestigious Virginia K. Shehee Most Influential Woman Award and she broke barriers by becoming the first African American woman to chair the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and the Independence Bowl of Shreveport.
What inspired the “She Did It Anyway” campaign?

Having decades of success and experience while not encountering many that look like me and could relate, motivated me to say yes to becoming a solution for this problem. I’ve met so many talented and qualified women of color that either shrink back and buy into the reasons they won’t get the job or opportunity. So many say, ‘there isn’t anyone that looks like me’ or ‘they won’t hire me’. They say all of this while having a deep desire for the position they never pursue. Companies not having strong leadership and diverse representation around decision making tables propelled me to launch my coaching, blog, and products. Specifically, having powerful women in my inner circle that have overcome obstacles and barriers to succeed really needs to be highlighted. This isn’t something we see on the news every day; however, we should. We should see success and power represented in a way that makes it more tangible for the next generation of female leaders. I’ve partnered with The Pearls of Humanity Foundation and they directly benefit from the proceeds of my book and product sales. It’s all about giving back for me. 

Tell us about the importance of affirmations to one’s personal development journey:

It’s crucially important. What one believes about themselves leads them towards power or pity, but never both. Learning to speak positively to and about yourself will change the inner workings of your mind. It will make you become triumphant in the midst of adversity and chaos. I can’t stress it enough. You have to build yourself up internally before you ever experience external success.. When a woman is pursuing a leadership position in a nontraditional setting, she has to believe she’s worthy of it, deserving of it, and qualified for it no matter what. She has to know she is an asset. She has to know she is amazing at what she does and what she doesn’t know can be learned efficiently. That happens when that woman affirms herself daily and does not wait on or expect to receive external validation.

Share your number one tip for changing the inner voice?

Embrace the fullness of who you are. Know your past experiences don’t have to be your enemy. Instead, know that you were created for a purpose and your victories made you stronger, wiser, and quicker. Without them you would not be who you are today.

How do you hope women are impacted from your efforts in 2022?

I want readers to be inspired to believe they are more than qualified to pursue the position with confidence and clarity. I want them to connect with me through my blogs and resources. I want them to trust my voice.  I want people to believe in themselves no matter how far-fetched their goals may seem. I want decision makers to be open to having a hard conversation and providing opportunities for women of color to take on high paying and powerful positions. I want African American women to not tap out because they feel isolated and misunderstood. I want them to know I am here for them to help them never give up and to brace for the impact of the position.

What is next for you and how can readers connect with you?

My latest project is releasing in a few weeks, It’s an e-book titled, She Did it Anyway, 365 Daily Affirmations to Transform a Woman’s Inner Voice. I have taken the time to really soul search and write out what has helped me throughout my life and career. I’m so very proud of it and being able to use the proceeds to help the next generation of female leaders is the greatest feeling. This resource and all of my products can be purchased at my website To book me as your keynote speaker, you can fill out a contact form there as well and my team will be in contact to work out the logistics.