Women are undeniably making their marks in the traditionally male-dominated industry of dentistry. Just a decade ago, only about 24% of all dentists were women. Now that number is around 35%, and the number of women graduating from dental school nearly equals men.


Where’d you grow up?  Where do you live now?

Dr. Onaedo: I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

What difference did you notice once you moved to the US? 

Dr. Onaedo: Growing up, plastics are rarely used just once. In fact, they’re often re-purposed again and again for things like storage, measuring cups, water containers, and even decoration.  After moving to the United States, I was shocked to see so much reckless waste and so little acknowledgment of the vast environmental impact plastic has.

What makes Minti different from other Oral healthcare brands? 

Dr. Onaedo: Minti’s planet-friendly line of oral care products aren’t just great for your health, they’re good for our world. We believe that clean ingredients just make sense—which is why you won’t find icky, harsh chemicals in any of our products.

What’s your best piece of advice for other new entrepreneurs? 

Dr. Onaedo: Just keep going! Believe in yourself and never be afraid to ask for help. Utilize your network, be patient, and keep focused.

Who is your business role model? Why?

Dr. Onaedo: My business role model is Rihanna. She stayed true to herself and built inclusive brands and was able to make them very profitable.

How can people continue to follow you?

Dr. Onaedo:




Dr. Onaedo Achebe is one of those women breaking all molds. She has been called an innovator, boundary breaker, and sustainability warrior. Outside of her excellence in dentistry, Dr. Onaedo created an environmentally friendly oral health care line of products called Minti. Minti was born from her desire to break boundaries by shaking up the dental industry with innovative, good-for-you products that care for the planet, look beautiful on your counter, and represent everyone.


Photo Credits: Dr. Onaedo Achebe