“I was taught a valuable lesson about money.  A “lot” of money is extremely relative.  Treat it that way until you truly understand the true cost of things.”

When Dr. Rachel Angel’s journey was unforseen when she entered the medical field in her stable six-figure job in Pharmacy. However, as time went on, Dr. Angel knew she had a higher calling was helping others! She utlized her Pharm.D dregree from Hampton University to build a nonprofit which empowerd the youth. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Rachel shares how her app Perro, her network that connects employers, schools, training organizations, governments, and non-profits.

You’ve seemingly been able to keep your eyes on the prize by achieving your goals at a reasonable timeframe such as when you get your Pharm D degree. How did you stay focused and encouraged?

Your wants change. At first it was just to get a Mercedes and not have to live paycheck to paycheck.  Then you start to realize you can accomplish anything if you can focus and be strong.  I wanted to tell everyone that.  I wanted my people to know that, I wanted to be an example. My wants changed from wanting to win personally to wanting everyone to win and that keeps me motivated.

What has your background in pharmacy taught you about Peerro?

Pharmacy school was hard, going to work, working two full time jobs, saving just to make it through the year taught me people don’t just wake up and are positioned.  There are real challenges in between, there are steps that so often get left out of the story.  The story is that I graduated high school and then went to college and became a pharmacist. The story is I had to work a full time job at an assisted living home to take care of myself to graduate from high school, I had added another job as a pharmacy intern and saved up thousands of dollars every summer to make it through pharmacy school.  Peerro was birthed through that understanding that there are steps and sometimes we need to explain those steps and give assistance along the way.

What tools does Peerro provide to the everyday person and how are they accessible?

Peerro is available on ios and android stores as well as desktop at The average person can use it to find a new career, explore careers they never heard about and work towards increased wages.

After growing up in an entrepreneurial household that had some struggle in making ends meet – what effective behaviors did you learn from your parent’s in business?

My mom was pretty fearless.  She taught me confidence and not to feel like I had to be what everyone expected me to be.  When you decide to be an entrepreneur and leave your high paying job, people will look at you crazy.  I was taught mental toughness to deal with the opposition.

In a society where working seems to be the focus, how did you balance both work and personal life?

I just learned how to do so. I think the worst thing you can do is put your personal life on hold waiting for the right moment or the big pay off.  I recently got engaged to a man I probably should have been married to, but I was so caught up in what I perceived as priority and I neglected that area of life.  Having a solid partner can actually stabilize you and make you more focused.  Please note that I said “solid.”  Not someone stressing you out and leaving you with daily questions of whether they care.  My mom said, “If you have a ton of questions, that isn’t it”

What are your favorite moments in the day to make you feel like your hard work has paid off?

When my home is cleaned and I am totally at peace on my couch.  With no tv, no background noise, just me and the peace of silence.

How do you unwind?

I like to work out and ride my bike.  I love music. I can just clean-up all day as long as music is on.

Do you have any favorite beauty or fashion trends?

I love those new Prada boots Lil’Kim was wearing on the BET awards. Fire! I love the whole sneaker/designer sneaker craze going on as well.

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