Goals Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery provides a one of a kind patient experience and the newest advancements in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. The practice has established themselves as a source of confidence and empowerment to all of their patients and an industry leading entity. With their multiple state of the art facilities across the nation, and advancements in the FlexSculpt and Double BBL services, This practice has captivated the newfound Atlanta audience. The expansion of this powerhouse is consistently growing. Just this weekend Goals was front and center in partnership with Def Jam Records newest signee, singer-songwriter Coco Jones.

We were able to catch up with Goal’s founder and world renowned surgeon Dr. Sergey Voskin at the event and got an inside look at Goal’s growing influence. Goals Plastic Surgery is a major player in the field of aesthetic medicine, body contouring and plastic surgery. They have always focused on providing patients with access to the latest and innovative aesthetic procedures, both invasive and non-invasive.

Dr. Voskin expressed his excitement when asked about how Goals Plastic Surgery is changing lives and changing the view of Cosmetic Surgery’s continuous growth.

“In order to do cosmetic surgery, you have to love the artwork of the body. That is important. Cosmetic surgery is a very exciting industry, and it is ever-evolving, especially now” said Voskin. “You are beautiful, God created everyone beautiful. We’re not changing God’s work, but we are changing your view of it.”

Prompted to speak to newcomers with curiosity into the world of aesthetic procedures, Voskin talks about the importance of self-esteem.

“We strive to help people with their self-esteem, their confidence. Plastic surgery is about sex appeal, and empowerment, and that’s what we try to create at Goals. Hence the name.” Dr. V says that the name is fitting since they always achieve what they set out to accomplish.

Goals has been dedicated to fulfilling all patient desires from start to finish. Everything is tailor made with patients’ health and confidence in mind.From their pre-op protocols, their attention to detail during procedures, and their genuine strive to provide maximum comfort in the healing process, Goals has created a safe space for those seeking to redefine their own beauty.

“It’s individual work, we strive to achieve each patients’ particular needs. A lot of artwork decisions are made just before the procedure when we’re marking the body with marker” said Voskin.

Goals has begun partnering with several world-class teaching hospital systems, expanding themselves into the professional development aspect of medicine as well as a plastic surgery fellowship program for medical residents with an interest in pursuing careers in elective cosmetic surgery.

To find out more about Goals or to learn about their services you can go to their website at or their Instagram @goalsplasticsurgery.

Coco Jones Press Mixer, Goals Partnership

Written by Mariah Spearman