While many people have had a crummy 2021 so far – a continuation of 2020 for sure – Dray Tate is an exception.

One of the singers from the Williams Brothers Group married Rebekah “Bishop Bekah” Tate in April and they are still madly in love. They met when Tate got to know her from her co-host role on the “Yolanda Adams Morning Show.” He previously said he was done with dating and didn’t think he would ever find love.

Naturally, Dray Tate showed his love for Bishop Bekah in the best possible way: writing a song called “My Angel” that was released on their wedding day.

In late June, the official video for “My Angel” was released on YouTube – which also was her birthday. He dedicates the video to her and says it shows their journey together so far. He hopes it can encourage others trying to find the right person and wondering if they’re really out there at all.

Dray recently shared some of his thoughts on life, love and his musical career.

Tell us about yourself.  

I’m from Houston, Texas. I’ve had an amazing year.

How have you been doing during COVID?

It’s been different but I used the downtime to create new music. I also married the love of my life!

What was the first song you ever sung?

I remember this! It was Earth Wind & Fire’s “Got to Get You Into My Life.”  

Describe your creative process.

I start with whatever has inspired me from any experiences I’ve had, previous artists, and maybe the occasional divine message. I get into my zone and get creative.  

Tell us about your new video.

I was done with dating, but I loved listening to the co-host of the Yolanda Adams Morning Show. I loved her voice, personality, charisma, and love for the Lord. I reached out and we had a first date where we stayed in a restaurant for more than five hours. I was ready to take the next step a few months later. She’s the reason for “My Angel” since she made such an impact when she came into my life.

Do you have an ideal musical collaborator?

So many! But I’d have to say PJ Morton, Lalah Hathaway, Charlie Wilson, Fred Hammond and maybe Joe.

How do you feel when other artists give you props?

It really is an honor for someone else who does what I do to acknowledge what I’m doing.

Is there anything you’d like to be known for?  

My music, or really my passion for love music – those songs that have a wonderful message that can inspire people. I hope everyone who hears what I do can relate and appreciate the vibe.

What would you like your fans to know?

We need to keep real love alive! Living, learning, loving. Love can conquer all, especially real love. Never, ever give up on love.

How can people keep up with what you’re up to?

I’m on Facebook as Dray Tate and also on Instagram @dray.tate. 



All images courtesy of Dray Tate Music