Dreamdoll is a true superstar, someone who effortlessly demands attention in any room she walks in. First exploding onto the scene on the TV show Bad Girls Club, the Bronx native boasts one hell of a social media following, including 5 million followers on Instagram alone. And while she’s been perfecting her craft with the music, it’s her hilarious, down-to-earth personality that fans can’t help but love most.

Most recently, Dreamdoll unveiled her newest project titled Life In Plastic 3, which boasts standout features from Kash Doll, French Montana, and Capella Grey. The 8-track project speaks volumes to her evolution as a rapper, as she continues to break down barriers and talk her shit through her rhymes. 

Of course, we all saw her standout verse on Hitmaka’s “Thotbox,” in which she claims she had the best verse. On the fashion tip, no one does the red carpet or throws tougher looks like Dreamdoll!

Sheen caught up with Dreamdoll in downtown Los Angeles to discuss her new project, shooting “Thotbox,” beauty go-to’s, her workout regime, and more!


How long have you been rapping now?

I can’t even put a number on it, I’ve been rapping since college though. It’s been a while, since my “Everything Nice” days. That was my first song ever, I said “Talk to me niceeee…”


That song came on my shuffle!

I know you were like, “Who is this? It’s Dream! That came from a saying. I used to say “talk to me nice or don’t talk to me twice,” so that’s where it actually came from. 

You just dropped Life in Plastic 3, what inspired the title? 

Basically, I could’ve gone straight into album mode after taking a break for 2 years. But I wound up closing out my chapter, my series. For those who are just discovering me, I catch new music listeners every day. I wanted to wrap up Part 3 and really show the elevated version of Dreamdoll, close out on a strong note. If you listen to Life in Plastic 1, 2, 3, you see my growth. You can hear my growth, I don’t even have to talk about it.


What’s one thing you want fans to take away from this one? 

Show how vulnerable I was and hopefully, they can relate to my story. From my intro, I literally wore my heart on my sleeves. 


What are your beauty go-to’s?

Always wear sunscreen, sunscreen is very important. Is perfume a part of beauty go-to’s? I like to go to perfume stores and leave with something that nobody knows. I like when people say “what’s that smell?” The perfume I’m wearing now has whale semen in it. I’m not lying. I found it in Harrods. That stood out to me because ain’t nobody going to have this on, I got whale semen on me! 


What’s the reason behind it?

The reason behind it was the exclusivity and uniqueness behind it. It drew me. Take a whiff.


If there’s one thing about Dreamdoll, you are always slayed. What inspires your fashion? 

Unapologetic, wear whatever the fuck you want. Do not give a fuck about the weather, where you’re going, I’m always going to wear whatever I want. Be yourself, wear whatever the fuck you want. Don’t dress to fit in.


The female “Thotbox” is one of my favorite records. What did it mean to make that record with the Hitmaka? 

I love “Thotbox” because it’s the same topic. We all got the hook, so how many different ways can you body this track? We got Chicago, we got New York, we got ATL. Literally, every female kept up with each other. You don’t have to skip over nobody’s verse. Everybody came, delivered, and ate. That’s one of my favorite female records and we outdid the men’s version. We outdid the men, as we should.

Do you have a best memory from that video shoot? 

Yeah, when I snatched Hitmaka’s hat off. I said, “He say he don’t be on head, but we all know he cap.” I literally did that, that’s why he was like [gasps]. He didn’t expect it. I didn’t know he was going to be in my scene. When he came next to me, I said the line and I flung his hat. It was a natural reaction, everybody’s like, “Yooooo!” I just be doing dumb shit without even knowing I be doing it. Like Rolling Loud when I told Tae to come brush my hair on the Rolling Loud stage and it went viral. I just thought about it. [laughs] Just did it.


How was it doing the Bruised soundtrack? Halle Berry and Cardi B, that’s legendary.

Yes, Halle Berry, all the women. I like being a part of all-women projects. They had contacted my team like “Oh, we want Dream to be a part of it.” I was like cool. I was in LA and they said, “We need it tonight.” I got a studio session, I went and I did it. I did my best. I was just happy to be… because it was a submission. It wasn’t like “Oh you got it,” it’s a whole bunch of females who submitted for it. 

I got my own track so it wasn’t a feature or nothing, I was excited about it. Plus, they told me to do a woman empowerment record and something that highlights women, a motivational record. I stuck to the topic and I came up with “Chacin” off the top of my head. I listen to that song working out all the time. “I’ma keep chasing my dreams. I don’t take Ls, I don’t know what that means. Keep the circle tight…” [raps]


What’s your workout regime? 

Girl. Workout until it hurt, then stop. [laughs] I haven’t worked out in a little minute, but I love running on the treadmill. I love pilates. It requires body strength, but I’m on the beginners’ side. I’ll let you know when I’m medium. It teaches me how to be a little more flexible, they taught me how to do the splits again. You just gotta get some pillows and keep sitting on top of it. I’ve been watching all the videos on Youtube where all the gymnastics girls teach you how to do a split in one week. Keep doing it every day, every day, every day. [snaps] Feels like your vagina is ripping. 

Photo Credits: Marcelo Cantu