A dreamer and an achiever, Courtney Alexis has always set high standards for herself as a first-generation American and the eldest of seven children born to Jamaican parents. Today, those dreams have taken her far as she lays the foundation for her future as a businesswoman. So, what does she see for her future? As someone who says, “I dream big and I execute,” Courtney plans to not only build a business but to lead her generation. How? Find out in this Sheen Magazine exclusive.

Who is Courtney Alexis?  

I am a resilient spirit. My family is originally from Jamaica, so being a first-generation American and the oldest of seven, there is a lot of pressure to set a good example for your loved ones. To learn and unlearn a lot of practices that were damaging to our ancestry and to help heal. To grow in one country with the values of another can be challenging but also eye-opening and humbling. If anything, I would like to always be remembered as a light, a bright being, who saw the good in all and who was determined to bring the light out in society. I am excited for my generation; we will build a better world, a more understanding, open, and caring world where humanity still matters.

What are you doing now?

I’m currently in school for psychology and will be graduating soon. I’m eager to use what I’ve learned to help me grow as an individual and as the businesswoman I aspire to be. I believe in always evolving and never giving up. That’s for myself, my loved ones, my culture, my people, my society—resilience.  

How has the pandemic impacted your career? 

Honestly and oddly enough, the pandemic started my career. Before everything slowed down, I was on auto pilot doing what I had to do to get by and, any free time I had, I wasted. I hung out with friends and spent money I didn’t need to spend—nothing useful for my actual growth. But once I sat down, forcefully, it gave me the opportunity to really look around and at myself. I realized that before adulthood, I had a lot of dreams and ambitions, and I still do! Watching so many lives taken so unexpectedly gave me the courage to step out of my shell, out of my hamster wheel and my comfort zone, and put myself out there to really do something fulfilling for myself.

How do you self-motivate?

Self-motivation is a mindset and it’s all about discipline. I’ve learned, dealing with depression, that you must train your mind to think positively. If you think one negative thought, instantly think of three positive thoughts and you’ll see how quickly your thinking will adapt. You’ll still have negative thoughts, but you’ll have the tools to fight them.  

I’m also very spiritual. I speak to God and thank him for everything. I’ve learned that you must manifest the life you want and that all your dreams, ideas, imagination, is already a reality for you. God put it in your vision because you’re capable. So, I continue to elevate and be the best me possible so that I can be ready for those blessings when they come my way. It starts with my thoughts and then my actions.

How do you define success?

When I put my mind to something, there’s no stopping me. I’m driven and was blessed with resilience. Any “no” or obstacle that crosses my path, I’ll find a way around it to reach my goal. I’m grateful for this gift because it gives me the courage to take risks even when I’ve been let down. I believe this is the basis of success—to never give up.

Tell us about your first time working with She Exist.

My first time shooting with She Exist was very exciting. I loved being in the same room with hard-working, driven individuals who came together to create a project. It was so inspiring to see Janelle, the CEO of She Exist, manifest her idea into a business and movement. I’m grateful to be part of such an aspiring brand and to grow with it. I’m ready for everything the future holds!

What are your greatest accomplishments?

My growth. I’ve modeled for multiple companies and built great relationships with them all. I’ve learned many valuable lessons that I can use in my professional and personal life. I’m very excited for my continued growth.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to mirror your success?

Do what feels right and never give up. When you walk into a room, walk with purpose, knowing you’re meant to be there, and own it.

What is your purpose?

I believe that my purpose is to help heal, create, build, and unite. I’m optimistic and my spirit is bright. I believe everyone is bright in their own way despite the obstacles in life that may have dimmed their light. I want to build a brand, a society, a generation. I want to meet others with this same purpose to grow with them so that we can all win together. I dream big and I execute.

What do you have planned for 2021?

There are many projects I’m working on for 2021. I’m excited to continue my work as a She Exist model. I also have an advertisement for Sisay Cosmetics coming out very soon. I’m booking fashion shows and will make my acting debut.

How can we find you?

For bookings, email You can find me on Facebook, Courtney Walker and Instagram.




All images by Nicole Jack