Dreka Gates is someone who lights up any room she walks into. Exuding beauty both inside and out, the Louisiana native is the true definition of a boss babe, someone who uses her platform for the greater good and inspires audiences all around the world to do the same.

Best known for being wifey Kevin Gates, the couple share two children together: Islah and Khaza. The two met while in high school in Baton Rouge, and tied the knot in 2015. Kevin has publicly shared his love and appreciation for Dreka via his music, social media, and in interviews.

Fast forward to today, Dreka is the proud owner of Dreka Wellness, a line of plant-based skincare and whole body wellness. 

Sheen Magazine had the pleasure of chatting with Dreka moments after she completed the Plants Over Pills podcast with Mama Sue, powered by Glass House Brands. The beauty lies in the fact that Mama Sue is the first black female to open a dispensary in California, while Dreka will serve as the the first black female to open a dispensary in Mississippi – slated for a 4/20 grand opening.


For those who don’t know, who is Dreka Gates?

Dreka Gates is a creator, a builder. That’s what I’m calling myself right now, a creator. [laughs]

How was it doing the podcast?

Oh my gosh, it was amazing. Mama Sue is the bomb. She’s literally my…

I heard you guys are twins. 

Yes, literally. She is a much more evolved version of myself, which is nice.

When did you start using cannabis?

Probably since I was 18. It’s been a while. [laughs]

How does it feel to be stepping into the entrepreneur space? I can’t believe you’re opening a dispensary!

Yes, on 4/20. That’s just a part of who I am, I’m always constantly creating and building. Getting into the cannabis space was just the next step for me. 

How’s the farm?

The farm is amazing! You know that’s my sanctuary.

How many animals do you have?

I have no idea. The reason being is because my goats keep multiplying. [laughs] I started off with 4, I really think I have close to 30 now. That’s why I don’t know.

How big is your farm?

It’s about 43 acres, so I have a lot of space. You’re going to come visit soon.

I’ve never been to Mississippi. 

A lot of people haven’t. [laughs] 

That’s a real down South right?

Real down South. It’s cool though. It’s chill.

You’re from Louisiana, how’d you end up in Mississippi? 

My grandparents had a property there and my parents had a property here, so just following suit.

And you raised your children there?

Yes, they are on the farm. 

Do you name the goats?

My first 4, yes they had names. After a while, it’s like uhhh. [laughs] But yes, I call him the king of the yard. His name is King Louie.

What’s your favorite animal?

My baby Egypt, she’s a camel. She’s my favorite.

What are your beauty go-to’s?

Water for sure. I absolutely love my facewash, it’s the Release The Day cleanser. I use that day and night, every single day. Then gotta have a little moisturizer, that’s it.

Do you wear makeup?

No. You know what’s so crazy? Makeup makes me not feel pretty.

You’re one of those people who looks better without makeup. 

I’m one of those people. When I put on makeup I feel like what the hell? Get this off. [laughs]

My whole life I’ve been like that. I’m like take this shit off. [laughs] 

People are always asking wait, how does she look so good without makeup?

Man, I look crazy with makeup! 

What inspires your fashion?

Oh my gosh, really how I feel. I have to feel good in it. 

Secrets to staying snatched?

Ooh, watching what I eat. [laughs] Watching what I eat is very important.

How long have you been vegan? 

I’m not a vegan vegan. I used to be. I was a vegan for two, three years when I was out here. But now, it’s more of a balance. It’s just that I do not do dairy, at all!

What’s your favorite meal?

It’s called okra soup.

That’s African right?

Yup, but without any meat in it. Because I still don’t eat a lot of meat. If I do eat some, it’s really light. I’ll do really lamb or fish.

What’s your favorite Kevin Gates song of all time?

Of all time? You can’t do that to me Shirley!

What about favorite song right now?

“Heal You.” 

What else can we look forward to?

Oh my gosh, so many goodness. Rolling out some new products from Dreka Wellness line, opening up a dispensary, then growing from there.

Favorite Dreka Wellness product?

Open For Love, because it makes you feel so good. It’s a tincture, it relaxes you and literally just opens you up. It makes you feel so good.

I need some right now.

I got you. I need to send Mama Sue some!


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dreka Gates