24-year-old, multimedia journalist, Brionna Taylor has a quite large list of accomplishments. She’s written for major publications such as ESPN, AfroPunk, and more! Taylor created her very own talk show E-Koh in hopes to bridge the gap between celebrities, rising talents, and locals in her community. With her platform, she is passionate about showcasing the many artists and rising celebrities in the world of entertainment. We caught up with Brionna to discuss her start, her interest, and much more!

Tell us about your talk show, E-Koh?

E-Koh (pronounced echo) is a talk show that I created which aims to bridge the gap between celebrities, rising talents, and locals. I always say no story is ever too big nor too small to be heard. For me, E-Koh is all about flipping a switch on culture and aims to bring back the art of true storytelling and journalism. There are a lot of talented artists and individuals who don’t get the media attention they deserve so it is my goal to help shake up the industry and media world. On the show, I have had everyone from the legendary comedian Guy Torry, Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguards, Justin “Guitarslayer” Lyons the first Black K-Pop Sensation, multiple Grammy Award-Winning producers, and more. I am now further using my platform to help showcase rising artists.

It is my desire to redefine this aspect of the media sector and create a global movement. With E-Koh, it is my overall goal to inspire others and to help reach the forgotten demographics. I truly want to use the show as a platform to not only change lives but to also save lives. I’m here to take the skill of good true journalism and package it into a modern way with a new vibe.

photo courtesy of E-Koh Talk Show

Why is using your platform to bring back true storytelling and journalism important to you?

With the state of journalism today, there is a fine line between what is tabloid gossip and what is true journalism. The respect and art of journalism have been tainted in many forms due to the oversaturation and confusion perpetuated throughout the media banner. As a result, many people are left filling discouraged because of the constant negative press and imagery the media cycles through to the public. I quickly saw that there was a huge gap in the industry. A lot of people with great stories were being overlooked. This is also part of the reason why I created the talk show E-Koh.

One of the main reasons I pursued a career in the media was to help give a voice to the voiceless and the many underserved and overlooked communities. You don’t have to have a big name to have a significant story. I’m here to find and showcase those powerful stories. It’s important that I strive to bring back true storytelling and journalism, especially to my generation, so more people can see that they’re stories and goals matter too in life. Now within the media, everything is broken up into and sectioned off into exclusive categories. So, there is an even greater disconnect between the different stories and parties within society. With E-Koh it’s my aim to blur those lines and help bring all people together and create something special.

photo courtesy of E-Koh Talk Show

Who would you say influences you in your career as a multimedia journalist and talk show host?

I am truly inspired by everything around me. For me, it’s not necessarily one specific person that inspires me, but my overall agenda for what I am trying to achieve as a multimedia journalist and talk show host. That agenda is to really inspire others, help bring healing, and redefine the world of multimedia storytelling through my platform. There isn’t a blueprint for what I am aiming to achieve as a multimedia journalist and tv show host, which is great because it’s my goal to truly redefine and shake up the industry in a tremendous way.

photo courtesy of E-Koh Talk Show

You’ve already accomplished so much at just 24-years-old. What’s next on your list of goals?

I have surrounded all the spaces around me with vision boards, whiteboards, and notepads with visuals and writings of my next goals to accomplish. A few of my next goals are to officially launch my own multimedia production company within the next year, launch E-Koh talk show globally, and to further redefine the world of documentary filmmaking.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I look forward to what the future holds. I believe in the future you all can expect to see E-Koh drastically expanding as a multi-content creation platform and owning my own studio, multiple impactful documentaries, and adding my own unique imprint to the world of animation. I also see myself creating other platforms for others to shine and move into power positions. 

photo by Arion Taylor

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Featured Image by Arion Taylor