Rabbit Hole is an upcoming spy TV thriller series by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra airing on Paramount+. In the series, Kiefer Sutherland takes on the lead role of a spy agent who has been framed for murder. Sutherland’s previous role as “Jack Bauer,” in the hit series 24, which aired for 13 seasons on Fox, is reigniting public interest in Rabbit Hole.

Adding to the star-studded cast of Rabbit Hole is Eddie G, a star of Transplant, where he played Lou, the head of security at York Memorial, who had a romantic interest in Dr. June Curtis, played by Ayisha Issa. Eddie G has played alongside Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and is looking forward to joining the Rabbit Holecast as a guest star. He is among one the must-watch figures in the media and entertainment scene whose growing prominence demonstrates both passion and perseverance. Sutherland’s new TV thriller is gaining positive reviews across social media, with the new series poised to reach even greater heights.

Eddie remained tight-lipped about his upcoming guest role but did say that most of his scenes would be alongside Mr. Sutherland. He added, “I have seen Keifer in many of my favorite films growing up, such as A Time to Kill and Phone Booth.” As a fan of Keifer, I admire his presence in various roles, such as A Few Good Men, where he had a cameo of ten minutes yet left fans and audience members with a long-lasting impression. There is no doubt I’ll soak up the energy he gives off, and I’m confident that it will boost my performance 100 percent.

A fiery passion and determination drive Eddie G to succeed and to take on the role of a hit television series. His goal is not only to achieve goals but also to steer others in the right direction, serving as a source of inspiration. In response to a question about what he wants to emphasize most about his upcoming guest role on Rabbit Hole, he said “Don’t follow your dream. Be your dream.” Meet your goals. Organize them. Make a schedule. Take care of it as if your life were going to end tomorrow because you never know when it will. There is no backup plan. There are no excuses. Don’t skip any steps and enjoy the journey to get to the next level.”

He hopes to bring inspiration to the new Paramount+ original spy series, which is slated to continue to gain momentum through Season 1.

Subscribers to Paramount+ can watch the series online.