What’s not to love about Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson? From the moment you meet them, it’s like you’ve known them your entire life. From their contagious smile to their down-2-earth conversation, this married power couple fully draws you in and keeps you captivated! Truthfully, I’ve done many interviews in my many years of being a journalist, and I must admit, this is among my Top 2 favorite of all time. So it’s no wonder that HGTV fell in love with the sizzle that they presented as their pitch for their highly anticipated show, Married to Real Estate. Which happens to debut tonight, January 13th, at 9  PM EST on HGTV and streams on discovery+. This show captures Egypt and Mike helping their clients take their homes to another level of eloquence and shows the world that you can literally be with your spouse 24 hours a day/7 days a week and balance life and work well together! Because that is exactly what Mike and Egypt do—effortlessly! The passion for their work and the love that they share are evident throughout this entire 1st season. Sheen had the pleasure to sit down exclusively with Mike and Egypt about their new show and their love for one another. Listen in:

Sheen: It’s truly a pleasure to be here on set with you discussing your amazing new show, Married to Real Estate, that’s slated to air on HGTV and stream on Discovery+! How amazing! I want to start with you, Egypt. How did you feel when you knew you were selected to do this show?

Egypt: The way that this came about was quite interesting. It wasn’t a casting or plan per se to do this particular show. I had my real estate brokerage, and my husband is a contractor and builder. We decided to take footage from our life, business, make a reel, and pitch it to HGTV. They loved it, and that was a blessing in and of itself. We didn’t know if it would work. We just wanted to see what would happen.

Sheen: How did you guys meet?

Egypt: I call it the “Stiletto Hustle.” You know how the dating life can be in New York. I had kissed enough frogs. (chuckles)

Mike: I remember when we were in New York. We were at the radio station. And she turned to me and said, “ Do you really love me for me, and not all of this?” And I literally was like, “ Listen, let me love you!”

Sheen: You need to do a book and call it “Let Me Love You.” I’m serious! So, what’s next for you guys?

Mike: Fast forward to this moment. I’m BIG on energy. I always tell people, “Be the energy you seek to exist. Because life is about experiences, we create those experiences from the moment we walk into a room or present ourselves on someone’s TV screen. We (me and Egypt) love to inspire. And how do you do that? By actually being that. Walking the walk. And not just on-screen. I believe that will provide us with another season and another season after that. Even behind the scenes, our crew loves us. So what’s next for us? More blessings.

Egypt: Wherever God takes us is where we’re going. We’re just going to stay rooted, grounded, and go with the flow. Wherever we’re supposed to go is where we’re going to go. Right babe?

Mike: Yup!

Check out the premiere of Married to Real Estate tonight at 9pmest on HGTV and will stream worldwide on discovery+.

Photos courtesy of Leslie Andrews