As The Happiness Warrior, the core of my mission and purpose is to help us lift themselves out of acts of self-induced suffering, negative emotions, and self-sabotage. To forgive and forget all of the terrible things that have happened in the past and experience happiness in its purest state.

This is how we can all raise our spirit and self-confidence. Continuously creating awareness that happiness is what our world needs most. A collective process of love, personal acceptance, and the healing of our many divisions. A time to learn what’s unique and valuable about ourselves. To dig deep and practice self-awareness. Purposely and consciously altering our habits and actions to provide us more life value and satisfaction. The ability to put a smile on faces that rarely show emotion or self-respect.

We are never as broken or hurt as we like to admit and waste so many years without reaching an understanding. Increasingly isolated, frustrated, and angry for no good reason. The answer is found from within and often just needs our permission to begin anew. We need to learn to be easier on ourselves and give ourselves permission to be happy.

When it comes to happiness there’s one thing that we all should know that everyone deserves to be happy, and no one deserves more than any other. Happiness is a natural occurrence when we accept personal challenges that are satisfying and raise our understanding.. When our actions have meaning on par with our words the truth is universal and profound. Humans are supposed to be happy, and we are happiest when we are happy with others. Isn’t serving humanity a goal we might all consider?


It’s a known fact that when we’re happier we’re always able to solve our problems better, reduce stress, and get the most out of life. A conscious resistance to the forces that seek to control and take us down. A cheerful and capable countenance is a formidable weapon. An ability to see through the shadows in the world around us and savor our innate happiness.

The happiness that comes from within that’s our alone to create and grow. A self-derived mindset where we know that we have both rights and responsibilities. Each human has purpose and each day we can determine the attitude that will serve us best to create growth and opportunities. Happiness is a symptom when we are able to consciously raise our voice and self-esteem. Never seeking approval from others but earning admiration and gratitude for our ability to live in the glow of our own light.

I like to think that we are all worth the time and effort, time is a teacher and now is always the time to begin. A lighter step, less self-accusations, negative words, and self-sabotage. More awareness of our spirit within and how our vibration rises through happier thoughts and activities. We always deserve better than we imagine.

These are the universal habits that will create greater happiness and self-confidence. These are the principles from where we begin:

1.      To be happy and life affirming we must have faith in the system in which we are operating and direct our actions and words to the benefit of the common good. This is how we create new leaders and warriors that are able to adapt and change to whatever we face in the world around us. This is a capability that we all have to help refine and improve the system and keep it in a state of equity, balance, and momentum. Growth and change are always part of the equation that must be considered and welcomed. This is perhaps the most important habit of all, the ability to think freely.

2.      Never feel that it’s necessary or required to blend in with the crowd and conform to someone else’s needs or expectations. This is how we stand out in the crowd and feel seen and heard. They might not like that we are not bending and submitting, but we will always have our self-respect. Be a little weird on purpose and live authentically. A winning combination that will serve us well throughout our lives.

3.      Stay calm under pressure and react with measure and wisdom. Never fly off the handle at anyone and know that we will always win when we don’t lose our temper. Hissy fits and unpleasant public behavior are the signs of a weak and insecure individual. Feel sorry for them and ask them if they are alright? This is how we make them smaller and have more time to devote to learning and pleasure.

4.      Understand that our ego can be a source of inspiration and courage, but it can also become our undoing. Once we start believing and acting as if we are better than others we have begun our descent and will continue to lose.  Be radiant, confident, and always come at life with an abundance of perspective. There’s plenty to share and enjoy with others.

5.      Be upfront and show up for life with confidence and ready to help others with a smile and direct action. Keep this attitude in a place of gratitude and arrogance fade and be redirected.

6.      To be our greatest selves we need to understand our motivations and intentions. Do we intend to do something great and get lost in grandiose dreams and actions? Or do we want to do good with our lives and make a difference that has lasting value? The correct answer is found from within when we are able to be truthful to ourselves and others. This is how we guide our way and steer our own ship through troubled times. Nothing can stop us if we are able to move forward with happiness and momentum.

7.      The path to an extraordinary and magical life comes when we are bold and are able to clearly identify our opportunities and challenges. We might be building something that no one else can see at this time but one will one day be astounded. We are relentless in our vision and mindset. Always taking advantage of all the benefits and serendipity that life provides.

8.      We understand that our connection to the great energy of the universe is only as strong as our belief in ourselves and our ability to stand on our own. The more we do to raise our vibration and consciousness the greater the power that fuels our dreams and momentum. Everything starts with just one push and an honest look at our lives.

The journey to enlightenment and greater happiness is a journey into ourselves. A time when we are able to be more self-aware and vulnerable. A shedding of old ways, methods, and habits that no longer serve us. Now is the time to think about what’s next in our lives and how we want to express our truth and authentic being. Good habits are always the key to a better life!