During this time of COVID-19, I’ve discovered a lot of things about myself. One major thing that I realized during this time is that I was holding on to various things that I needed to “let go” of.  I’ve been currently reading this book by Destine Hawkins, called; Let It Go. 

Let it go provides 6 steps to eliminate excuses and live the life you want by teaching you how to overcome the fear of failure and be comfortable choosing you! During this time, I want to encourage everyone to self reflect and eliminate the excuses, and pick up this book. Thankfully, I was able to talk with the author and get more details on the woman behind this amazing self help book.

What is your definition of a “serialmomprenuer” ?

A serialmomprenuer is a mother who balances being a business owner; managing more than one brand; all while balancing the duties of motherhood which is not limited to attending sporting events, teaching and maintaining a curriculum for their kids and so much more! Serialmomprenuers are the moms who work past the everyday excuses defying the odds that all mothers can do is work, cook and clean!

Tell our readers about your self help book, Let It Go.

Let it go provides 6 steps to eliminate excuses and live the life you want by teaching you how to overcome the fear of failure and be comfortable choosing you! No matter what happens in life one must still make time for them to make their dreams reality! In let it go I address fear, procrastination and eliminating excuses- we review goal setting techniques that allow your goals to become a reality and relinquish the thought that your potential has to be limited because of the cards one was dealt! Let it go provides the steps that I used to pull myself up from the boot straps and choose me again unapologetically!

What was the last thing that you let go of and how did that help you today 

The last thing I let go of was the pain of my father not being present and my mom resenting me because of it! For years I let the lack of a relationship with my parents make me question who I was and why I wasn’t good enough! Becoming a mother has taught me its hard for people to give what they never have gotten and has pushed me to be a better mother! 

Tell us about the Aged Outt Foundation and why is it important to you

The Aged Outt Foundation helps youth transitioning out of foster care to get acclimated into society! This foundation represents everything I am; being legally emancipated at 16 I made a ton of mistakes because I had no one to guide me! I met a woman when I was sleeping in my car she helped me get my birth certificate, social security card and taught me to petition the court for emancipation she spoke life into me when I was at my lowest I mention her in my book; let it go; as well she was my angel – although I wasn’t in the system I know how it feels to be in the world with no guidance so I work with youth who were like me using my story as leverage to breathe life into the youth transitioning into society! It’s so rewarding to be able to help people who are like me! 

What would you tell you 15-year-old self now 

Everything you endure today will build the character you possess- go through it just don’t loose you in the process and pray through the process as God reveals all.

How has helping other authors helped you in your own journey of writing books

Helping authors is so rewarding seeing people’s vision manifest goes with everything I speak on! Referrals are amazing but I honestly believe that the biggest plus is that glow once it’s done. Seeing my clients faces at the end of the journey and watching the feeling of overcoming an obstacle many never overcome set in still excites me! Witnessing authors relentlessly execute to achieve their goals is so rewarding! I hear so many people say they want to write the book but often obstacles arise and they become stagnant! Coaching authors keeps me going and pushes me to continue to grow so that the authors I work with continue to grow as many retain me for their brand acceleration once the book writing process is complete! 

What’s next for Destinee Hawkins?

I am planning the ‘Let It Go Tour’ that I’m extremely excited about as well as sitting on a few panels for some conferences I will be collaborating on! Additionally I have taken my Paint & Chill business on the road so I am looking forward to doing more of that in the near future – we have plans to bring the party to Georgia, Virginia and California so we are really excited about that! My next book is in the works and I can’t wait for my readers to learn a little more about who I am! I’m also partnering up with S.O.S a nonprofit based out of my hometown Columbus, Ohio so that we can provide mentorship to the youth in addition to offering free classes so they can learn different trades such as culinary and mechanics this upcoming summer! 

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Featured Image by Josh Mullins