Personal hair struggles, health issues, and self esteem is a daily issue for women but not always openly discuss. Sheen Magazine sat down with Taknocka Sam to learn more.
Tell me about yourself and your Hair Journey
I am a married woman in my 40s and I recall feeling like my hair was a journey as long as I can remember. I wore the colorful barrets and beads as a child and my hair “kitchen” used to be straightened with a straightened comb that was placed on the stove. Around the age of 9-10 I got my first relaxer. I remember it burned so bad I scratched my scalp when I wasn’t supposed to and recall blood running down the sink. In my teens I briefly wore extentions,  weaves and braids like Janet Jackson from Poetic Justice.
I never had long hair and one day I saw a commercial with a beautiful black lady and her beautiful long hair. I went to the store and bought all the products that were advertised hoping my hair one day would look like hers. Instead the opposite hair started falling out. I realized those products may not have been for our type of hair. I had to go to a hair stylist to practically have all of my hair cut off.. I was scared at first but then I started receiving lots of compliments how well I wore short hair.
I rocked short hair for awhile then about 20 plus years ago I started having unexplained health issues that I would later learn could be from undiagnosed autoimmune conditions. Some of the issues were my scalp seem to blister in spots and then I developed what the doctor called seborrheic dermatitis that lasted for a few years. Few years later I noticed a bald patch at the top of my scalp. I tried hair styles like pony tails to cover it up, then one bad patch turn into multiples. It happens so fast and then I started losing my hair line. I was told it could be scarring alopecia, another doctor thought it could be lupus ( I have tested a few times and I dont) I used a few other things that didn’t work.
At what point did you start wearing wigs?
I never liked wigs and I though it was for “old” women but at that point I began to embrace them and that’s what I have been wearing ever since as I’m not comfortable rocking a bald head in public. Maybe one day, I’m just not there yet
Do you get offended with questions?
Yes, I’m sensitive about my condition so do not ask if my wig is my hair. I bought it. It’s on my head. So yes, It’s “my hair”. I also do not like when people ask to touch my hair and proceed to do so without my permission. Doesn’t happen as often as it used too.
Is it expensive for hair care and the cost?
I don’t usually spend a lot of money on my hair. I keep it cut and or shaved low and just use regular products to keep my hair moisturized. My biggest expense is my wigs, and I don’t usually spend a whole lot of money on them. Usually under $50 or $60. I may spend more if its a special occasion.
What do you wish was available for people in similar situations?
I do think there are more options now then it were almost 20 years ago when I started going through hair loss. Maybe more places that specifally cater to women like us?
In a closing note with this article I would say  this is more common throughout the world  even with celebrities. Healthier products and more hair options are now available for all hair types. Stay Beautiful my ladies.
Photo Credits: Taknocka Sam